Monday, October 5, 2009

Street of Dreams ...

It's time for another Outdoor Wednesday with our gracious hostess, Susan of A Southern Daydreamer. Please visit Susan and check out all the participants in her always-fascinating event.

This is a self-guided tour of my favorite street in Jackson, Tennessee. The first of these well-maintained houses were built in the 1920s. Others were constructed as late as the 50s. Many have signs on the front lawns with names of the original owners and dates of construction. I think the designs are classic and timeless.

The pictures were taken on an overcast afternoon, but I think you’ll see enough to get a feeling of what the street is like. A couple of them remind me of homes used in films. Do you know which ones I mean?

I won't comment on individual houses (I like them all!). I'll just number them and, if you have a moment, I hope you'll comment on your favorite(s). While homes on this street tend to be ... not inexpensive, one was on the market for just $185,000 a couple of years ago. Can you guess which one?

Number one:

Number two:

Number three:

Number four:

Number five:

Number six:

Number seven:

Number eight:

Number nine:

Number ten:

Number eleven:

Number twelve:

Number thirteen:

Number fourteen:

Number fifteen:

Number sixteen:

Number seventeen:

Number eighteen:

Number nineteen:

Number twenty:

Number twenty-one:

Number twenty-two:

Number twenty-three:

Number twenty-four:

Number twenty-five:
Thank you so much for visiting. I'm sorry I haven't posted often of late and especially sorry I haven't found time to stop by your blogs as frequently as I would like. I do read all your comments and appreciate every one.
I'll do better as soon as I catch up on a few things around here ... I promise! ;)


  1. Wow! Another great tour!! I love number 10, it is such a beautiful cottage. I also like 20! Hey, I really like all of them. All houses are my favorite!!!

  2. Thanks for the article on silver cleaning--very helpful. I liked house numbers 5, 7, 10 --I guess I really am into a cottage type house....those three have similarities, don't they! For some reason I think of Hansel and Gretel (sp?). I also like modern homes--but I rarely see them--the kind that has lots of glass and wood.

  3. Beautiful homes! Reminds me of my hometown (Huntsville, AL.)


  4. These homes are beautiful...I couldn't choose a favourite. A bit frustrating though...would that it was possible to peek inside, lol.
    Be blessed,

  5. They are indeed beautiful homes. I like 3, 7, 10, 11 and 20 with 10 and 11 being my favorites.

    Thank you for the tour!

    ~ Tracy

  6. Beautiful homes! Probably # 11, but in today's market it is hard to say.

  7. Bill, thanks for another great home tour. I think they are all interesting architecturally, but I think I'll take # 19. It looks a bit French to me. Also like the cottage look of # 10. They are all so beautiful and stately. I can see why this is one of your favorite streets. ~ Sarah

  8. love number ten for its roofline, red door and curved walkway that meanders to the front door! nice neighborhood. i have not been to jackson for a long time... my hubby went to high school there.

  9. A very pretty area -- lovely houses -- do you ever get to go for inside tours?

    Thanks for sharing -- I always enjoy looking at houses!

  10. What a beautiful tour of homes! I would be happy to live in any of these homes. Number 13 is similar to the home we had in Knoxville...our favorite home and yard.

    Thanks for taking us on this tour...
    Jane (artfully graced)

    ps Thank you for visiting my blogs and for your kind comments. They are truly appreciated.

  11. Thanks for posting these lovely homes. I think I like number 2, but then they all are so elegant and beautiful.

  12. Lovely photos thanks for the tour! I love Ten houses so pretty! thanks for sharing.

  13. There are a couple there that I would move in to. Who am I trying to kid. I'd jump right into any of them. Fabulous homes.

  14. Bill,

    I think I like 10 and 20 the best - I wouldn't say no to any of them, though.
    Nice pictures as usual.


  15. Bill, your post is wonderful. I'm glad there are patches of order such as this to balance the chaos in other parts of the world. Have a great day.

  16. I want to live in #3 or #17...they look like happy peaceful homes!

  17. Hi Bill,
    Well, my favorite is definitely number 10! I'm ready to downsize to the cottage with a HUGE screened-in porch. :-) Love this tour! I took pics several weeks ago of some houses here in town and need to get those posted. Great Outdoor Wednesday post!

  18. Oh number 5 (I love that nifty little shuttered window) or number 10. I really like number 24 too, but I keep expecting Boo Radley to pop out of the bushes lol. I'm trying to get to Old Town and take some pictures, but we've actually been having too much rain - and I am NOT about to complain about that! Kathy

  19. I think I would have to say #25 is my favorite. They are all so pretty, thank-you for taking the time to share these dreamy homes.

  20. Hi Bill,
    Stop by my blog when you get a chance. :-) Tuesday's post. :-)

  21. Number 20 is so pretty, but for some reason I'm pulled toward 24. It looks like it could be a fun fixer-upper. Which house was listed for $185,000?

  22. Darn--I was looking for a front porch with rocking chairs and ceiling fans :) What a beautiful street. Bet someone snatched the $185,000 up right away--location, location, location!

  23. Oh so beautiful! It hard to pick just one favorite. I think I'd be happy living in any one of them :)

  24. Jackson, TN? These photos look like they were taken in my old neighborhood, Bala Cynwyd, PA.

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  26. Thanks for the tour! :-) Number eight is soooo hollywood. :-) and i think, number fifteen is just dreamy.

  27. Bill, your blog is fantastic!. I luv luv the color combo in the pictures..Not just this post but the table arrangements as well.happy thanksgiving.