Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Glads Make Me Happy Table!

Today's table began with a vintage champagne glass, one that might also have been used as a tall sherbet dish. The pattern is Laurel Wreath, manufactured by Duncan & Miller sometime between 1943 and 1955. I purchased 7 of them at a local antiques mall recently. I started to buy them last year, when they were priced at $24 for the set. I was drawn to them from a distance by the way they sparkled in the light but, on closer examination, noticed that several of them had rim chips (also called fleabites). I decided to pass.

A week or so ago I was back in the store. The glasses were still there, and they'd been reduced to $20, $16 ... $10. For $6, I couldn't resist! I knew I could file the chips, but my first impulse was to view them as decorative objects. "Floating candles," I thought. "Floating in colored water!"

Glads were on sale at Kroger this week. I wrote, "glads," because I couldn't decide whether to call them gladioluses, gladioli, or gladiolas. Whatever the plural is, I think they're beautiful! I love the lush, colorful flowers, and their sculptural quality provides instant drama.

They can last a long time if you change the water as it becomes cloudy (re-cutting stems) and remove faded blooms to encourage the higher buds to open. The first time I saw them sold in supermarkets was in Florida years ago. I couldn't believe how little they cost. I was definitely pleased to see them at Kroger for $2.99 per bunch. I bought 2 bunches. The next morning I went back (to purchase food this time) and noticed they were only 99 cents! Naturally I realized I needed a few more bunches to share with you today.

Here's the result:

Even though I used quite a few vintage pieces, my goal was a modern-looking table setting. I combined shades of peach, pink, mauve, maroon, and rust -- tints and shades of reddish colors that are near each other on the color wheel (analogous colors). Since reds and greens are opposites on the wheel, the green stems provide a complement to the warm and cool reds.

It's been a while since I've used the flamingo figurines, but some of you might recall them from previous tables. I think of them when I want to add a touch of whimsy or further a tropical mood.

To keep the table relatively uncluttered, I skipped the placemats today and only used one glass per place setting (not counting the "candle champagnes").

The china pattern is Monroe by Lenox (1983-2003). The flatware is Beloved by International Silver (introduced in 1940).

The taper candles I usually select are basic colors (white, ivory, and sometimes burgundy). Susan of
Between Naps on the Porch often recommends Colonial Candles, so I decided to purchase some. The colors are rich, saturated, and beautiful. You can check out their color selection online HERE. They have a great deal for new customers, and you can sign up for their e-mail newsletter while you're there.

I overlaid new cotton dinner napkins with vintage damask (luncheon size) ones and tucked them into stainless steel rings (from Goodwill!).

The center vase is from a local thrift shop -- $1.

The tall stems are Marquis by Towle (circa 1982). I like their fan & dot design, and they have a nice substantial weight.

The late afternoon light creates interesting effects ...

The usual disclaimer: This table setting incorporates a heavy dose of fantasy. For an actual dinner party, I'd keep the centerpiece low. This would be ideal, however, if you detested the person across from you and wanted to interact ONLY with the people seated on either side! (That was supposed to be amusing, by the way!)

I used simple glass candleholders for the Colonial tapers. They're widely, very inexpensively, available at thrift stores, and work equally well as tealight holders.

It's not dark yet, but let's light the candles ...

I hope you've enjoyed your visit today.

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  1. Hello Bill...

    My...ohhh my! Another gorgeous table, my friend! Of course, the first thing to catch my eye was the gorgeous Glads! Three vases full...and FABULOUS! Everytime I see Glads, I think of my dear Grandmother who had a garden full of these beauties! I love the soft peachy pink color. Loved your place settings! Such a beautiful china pattern! Oooh...and I also love your new vintage sherbets! I love the cut crystal ball shape on the stems of the glasses! Your table is exquisite, Bill and such a treat! Thank you so much for sharing it with us today!

    Warmest summery wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Hey Bill...absolutely incredible,love these beautiful glads!

    The vintage crystal glass is perfect, you said shave the chips,did you? can't see not one flaw,they look beyond perfect.

  3. Hi Dear Bill! Oh, you can say 'glads'! I say that too. These are some of the most beautiful ones I've seen - that color! Your table is lovely and your crystal! Where do you store all of your pieces? Inquiring minds want to know! ;)
    You never disappoint me. You just amaze me by your talent!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. What fabulous crystal glasses! Your table setting is glorious as always Bill :o) I'm not generally a lover of pink, but the $1 vase is incredible, and looks like it was originally an expensive piece. The flatware would certainly be 'beloved' if it was stashed in my home ;o) and the china is so elegant. I love your table anyway, it's such an amazing backdrop to your settings. Thank you again for sharing and inspiring others with your talent!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  5. Love the glads, there so beautiful....great deal on them. Your table setting is wonderful as always! Diane

  6. I'm so GLAD that you shared your lovely GLADS with us:) They are beautiful!
    I am always inspired whenever I stop in to enjoy your tables.
    Thanks so much for all the effort you put forth making all this beauty. You truly have a talent for this!

    Hope your summer is going well.


  7. I love glads too. When I was growing up, a man 2 street over grew them in his garden and sold them. My mother would buy a bunch every summer I think. Beautiful table and a great idea for chipped glassware. Pamela

  8. Bill I really am enjoying this table. Pink Glads and Flamingos! Oh yes I'm in love. What a lovely simple place setting yet so magical with the floating candles casting lovely light. Great job as usual.

  9. A very pretty table - as always -- love the glads in those vases and the flamingos are the perfect decoration! You always set the BEST tables!

  10. I can so understand why you floated the candles. Sometimes you just can't resist a beautiful glass, even with a few chips. I love gladiolas (sp?). They make me think of my Mom and her parents. They grew them on their farm. such wonderful memories.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. What a pretty "Glad" forest you have put on the table today! I think your idea for the flea bitten glasses to have floating candles is brilliant! Of couse your dishes are beautiful.

  12. The beautiful color of your glads go so well with with the great pink vase and pink flamingos! I love this table Bill, it's so fresh and joyous. Well, the stems are terrific and $6 for the seven! Wow, nice use for them as floating candle votives...very brilliant! I will remember to save some that are chipped, I used to throw them away! Thanks for sharing dear Bill. Lots of hugs. FABBY

  13. Glads are my favorite. That is what we had at our wedding reception, a very casual affair. I don't have many in my garden any more.
    You take the things the rest of us would probably not notice and you set them up and they look amazing.

  14. The analogous colors worked perfectly to create a contemporary mood for your table. Bold color mixes...skillfully done. I love the gladiola...such a noble flower. My mother had the Beloved flatware. She eventually replaced it, and I don't know what became of it...sigh. It's a sweet memory from my childhood. What kind of camera do you use? The candlelight shot of the goblet, champagne/sherbet, and butter dish is spectacular. Thank you for sharing another glorious design. Cherry Kay

  15. I love it all and your humour!!;>) I have a glass vase like yours. I love the delicate pink "glads" and the flamingo's and the pink vase go so well together. I love all the photography but especially picture 14, with the sunlight.Although I am an old girl I prefer the more modern tablescape!!

    Love from your friend in UK, Jackie in Surrey.

  16. Hello Bill:
    With, or without, the fleabites, the champagne glasses are lovely and, as you say, an absolute bargain at $6 each [although we have little idea as to what that is worth in pounds or forint].

    Your table is enchanting and the gladioli look wonderful. Who cares about the height and whether or not the guests can be seen? Not important unless they are extraordinarily beautiful!

  17. Hello Bill,
    that is a wonderful thabel with all the reds, which perfect match. It is somehow airy and cool, perfect for hot summer days.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  18. i hope you know how much i look forward to each new post. i wish they were more frequent, but i realize you need to have a life and can't spend each day doing tablescapes, lol.
    one of the things i appreciate most about your tables, is the fact that although each setting looks so elegant and rich, you have actually done so much on a relatively low budget with all your flea market and thrift store finds. it gives me hope and inspiration. i've been accumulating a collection of linens, glassware, etc, working towards having my own "accoutrements" for a fabulous table. thanks for the inspiration.

  19. I always enjoy my visit. It's a wonderful respite! Your glads are fabulous. What a lovely jumping off point to the table. The colors are fabulous and play off one another beautifully. The dishes are grand.. and I learned something to today.. the name of the silver. I have a set of that that I purchased at an estate sale of someone we knew. I can imagine this being their first set of silver when they got married. and now I'm sure it was. How sad that their children got rid of it!
    Thanks for blessing us with your gorgeous design. Love the photo of the light filtered through your new champagnes!
    xo marlis

  20. Stunning, Bill! Glads DO make quite the statement, and I like to have a vase full on my entryway table. Your photos of yours are simply gorgeous! The rest of the table is lovely, too. I especially like that silver pattern -- that era has a distinctive look, doesn't it?

  21. Another gorgeous table, Bill. I love glads too, but rarely buy them. I think I need to alter that! I just might bring some home from the store today.
    Your new crystal stems are sparkly. I can see why they caught your eye. Great price. It pays to be patient.
    Hope you are enjoying a good summer. ~ Sarah

  22. Hi Bill!
    I should say you accomplished what you set out for, a modern tablescape even though you were using vintage pieces! The clean lines and continuity of color make it work! The tailored edge of the china is perfect! I think this has executive flair!
    Someone told me if you put a tad bit of bleach in the water it controls the bacteria that clouds the water and helps the flowers to last longer. I just don't know what a tad is! I'm sure 1/2 tsp. would be plenty! The only way to keep up with Gladiolas is to do just as you said, pick off the spent blooms, and keep shortening them! They do give you a good bang for your buck!
    Loving the floating candles in the champagne glasses! Great ideas! Beautifully done and great colors for summer!

  23. Week after week, you never disappoint! The glads are such a beautiful color!!!! The stemware is gorgeous, I would have grabbed it too. Maybe you should show us what you use to file down chips!!! Thanks for another great table. XO, Pinky

  24. I think flamingos and pink glads were just meant to be together. What a fun and fabulous table setting. I love the photo by candlelight...the table absolutely glows!

  25. You know I have to tell you that we once grew glads and I did not like how they looked in our gardens...but no other flowers can compete with them for cutting!!! They look spectacular on your table. You, again, have done an amazing job.

  26. Hi, Bill!!!!!!! I have no idea what the plural is, but glads ARE a fabulous flower!!!!! The color you chose is incredible!!! I like soft peach so much. I love it that you boldly placed them in plentiful bunches on the table. Fantasy or not, I exercise that ploy quite often. Mostly because it looks fabulous, but sometimes because we have friends over whose marriage is on the skids (or women who are feuding a la "The Real Housewives of Fill-In-The-Blank"). Keeping them separated by flowers, candles, barbed wire, the National Guard...whatever seems to work for that evening! :-) (I sometimes slip a billy club and mace under my napkin at my place setting just in case I have to break up a brawl! Just kidding...but wouldn't that make for an interesting dinner party??!?!?!) I remember and still love the flamingoes. I don't know why I can never seem to find gorgeous stuff like that. I should have raided my grandmother's house when I had the chance! She had exquisite taste...just like you! I am thrilled to see this gorgeous table you have created. Have a beautiful week, my friend!

  27. Hi Bill! I think it's more appropriate to call them glads because they make me so happy! Love the fab vase you have them in, and the flamingos. Gorgeous color! And yes, love what you've done with the new glassware.

  28. Bill, your tablescape of gladioli or - also correct - gladioluses is beautiful! (I recently used glads from our garden in a tablescape and decided to look up the plural while writing my post. Sure didn't know the correct word myself!) Everything is lovely as usual, but I really enjoyed seeing your table au naturale this week. It's beautiful, too!

    Stop by if you get a chance. My Vintage Linen & Dish Auction starts tonight at midnight!

  29. Hi Bill! I think you have the most beautiful glasses and crystals that I have ever seen, and the most too. This is another beautiful and elegant table, it's got the "Bill" stamp on it. I am curious, how many sets of dishes do you own?...Christine

  30. Hi, Bill! Another beautiful table! I love glads, too, and my Kroger usually has great prices on them. I love the color you chose; white and red are my other two favorites. I also wanted to say how right you are about those little "petaled" candle holders. You used them in the first post of yours that I saw and I've since been able to collect several by watching for them at thrift stores. Wish I could have such luck with pink vases! Thanks again for such beauty!

  31. Beautiful tablescape...those goblets are absolutely stunning....glads, the first flowers I used to buy for my home, I simply love them!
    Always a delight visiting your sumptious home.

  32. Dear Bill...thank you for coming by and for the generous and lovely comments. I FOUND YOU Bill!, you were the first blogger tablescaper I ran into and I was totally in heaven when I saw your creations, that I thought you were fabulous and talented!! I showed everyone at home and they said, SOOOO!, star BLOGGING!! Thank you and to Susan, who came after you and here I am, having such great fun and meeting such terrific people. Love, FABBY

  33. Breath taking is all I can say about your wonderful setting! Everything looks magical. Your glads are beautiful. I planted glads in our Butterfly garden this year and can't wait to see them go into bloom.

    Thank you so much for stopping by ...and your sweet comment. I am now a new follower of your blog ... it is most inspiring, for someone like myself just getting back into the table setting after almost 5 years. HHL

  34. Outstanding in every angle. Love the pastel vase.

    Such a clever idea.

    Happy TS...

  35. Dear Bill,

    Always a perfect table, I am so jealous, love every part of it, especailly the way you write and take the pictures from day to night.

    The pink vase and the flamingos are wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Lots of lOve,
    Karin Şen Cankan

  36. What can I say other than...stunning table; the glads are gorgeous!

  37. I did indeed enjoy the visit and like very much your more modern look with vintage pieces. I chuckled out loud over your comment about the tall centerpiece!

  38. Hi, Bill: I believe the correct plural is gladioli (from the Latin) but I'm with you, just call them glad! They are beautiful! I had a cousin named Gladis who whenever possible surrounded herself with gladioli. I always thought she was one of the happiest people I knew! Your table is gorgeous. Only you would have the perfect pink flamingos to go on your centerpiece. As always, wonderful job!

  39. Hi Bill, I hope you are staying cool in this heat, my friend. It's quite unbearable out there. But on to more important things--your table. First of all, that Laurel wreath was a great find! It's so lovely! I remember seeing it somewhere before, but can't quite remember where. The gladioli (thank you Maria) look so dramatic on your table, and the color of that vase is perfect with the gorgeous flowers. Also, how do you manage to color-coordinate the liquid in the glass to your table colors :) Love that!! The flamingo, which I soooo adore, adds just the right amount of whimsy! Flatware & china are beautiful, and your photos (swoon), absolutely, without a doubt, drop dead gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  40. Hi Bill, Love your table! When I go to Kroger I will have to look closer for flowers. I never find them on sale! Your glads,the pink vase and flamingos are beautiful! You set another gorgeous table. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings My friend,

  41. Quite lovely! The stemware may be Candlewick, which I've only recently learned the name of while browsing the antique mall. I scored a bunch of these recently at an auction, along with a book on Candlewick. I love the bubbled stems.

    Off to explore more of your blog and will be clicking the follow button!

    gertie @ www.theoldblockhouse.blogspot.com

  42. Love the glads, too! Such a lot of prettiness at such an affordable price. Such a clever use of your "candle champagne" thrift shop finds!

  43. Beautiful design as usual . Pink just happens to be my favorite color,so of course I love the vase the flowers everything! Your creativity is amazing.

  44. I really like your silver. It's beautiful and has a simple but elegant design. Sweet deal on the vase. Don't you just love it when you find something unique and at such a great price. I personally enjoy the item a bit more.

  45. The flowers make a bold statement, and your table looks stunning. Many years ago, I visited the factory where Colonial Candles are made. It is a very simple operation and the quality can't be beat.

    I've been to dinner parties where a TALL centerpiece would have been appreciated. :o)

  46. How pretty! The closeup of those lovely glads looks so real! Such beautiful photography! I still think you should publish a book!

    Thanks for keeping in touch with a sweet comment a while back!


  47. Absolutely beautiful....the colors, the special touches...all the vintage 'finds'! I love it all!!

  48. Bill, you never cease to amaze me with your talents. What a lovely, lovely table. The color of those glads is just stunning, and I liked your choice of patterns on the accoutrements. Perfect all.

    Your sun room with that row of windows opening onto the back patio is so wonderful. I love the brick of the patio, too. What a great room! I have always admired it, but you have the type of windows/doors that I would like to put on a room I would like to have enclosed. It is just great. Thanks for sharing. I always feel uplifted when I read one of your posts. You have such a gift. Such a gift.



  49. Well Hi There! I'm a first time visitor and wow, I'm so impressed with your blog! You have quite an eye for detail. Just beautiful.