Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two for One!

It's time again for Metamorphosis Monday and Thrifty Treasures! Please join our hostesses for the respective events: Susan of Between Naps on the Porch and Rhoda of Southern Hospitality. Please take time to leave appreciative comments for Susan and Rhoda. They both give SO MUCH of themselves to educate and entertain us week after week! Let's visit as many of the participants as we possibly can!
Today I'm combining what could easily be two separate posts. I had some catching up to do. As some of you know, I missed a few days of blogging last week due to illness of a family member. Things are going much better now! Thank you for the good wishes, prayers, and words of support. I appreciate you all so very much!

OK, time to start the show-and-tell portion! Here are this week’s items from my favorite local thrift/junk store -- the one that sells contents of abandoned storage units.

For a total of $4, I brought home 2 footed iced tea glasses, 4 Syracuse China (restaurant ware) bread plates, blue glass bowls (6 round and 1 oval), 3 glass votive holders, 2 lead crystal candle holders, a Scotch Brite cleaning cloth and a sink stopper (both new in package), 2 colorful place mats, a dark green ornamental finial, 5 plastic food storage containers, and a hand-painted oval platter (signed on the back by the artist).

A closer view of the platter:

When I saw this fan at a local estate sale, I thought of how popular they had been in the days before air conditioning became commonplace. The estate sale lady said I could have it if I wanted it. Free!

A vintage hand-wrought aluminum tray from a different estate sale on the same day. Price, $2. Definitely in need of a good cleaning with warm, soapy water. The next step in its restoration would be an application of Wright’s Silver Cream. It works on aluminum as well as it does on silver.

Looking across the table with the late afternoon sun streaming in through the solarium windows:

A closer view of the glassware. In the lower right hand corner is a tray I purchased at Goodwill.

A closer view of the tarnished silverplated bread tray. Price, $1.99. If you read the upside-down lettering, you’ll see that the tray is by Gorham.

Here it is again, now exhibiting a mirror-like shine after I polished it with Wright’s Silver Cream (my favorite – inexpensive, effective, and widely available at grocery and variety stores). I left the dark patina in recessed areas to accentuate the ornate pattern. It's called "Versailles."

I enjoyed the play of light created by the late day sun within the cast shadows of the clear glass items.

The week’s second Goodwill purchase is a Cuisinart coffee maker with built-in grinder. The appliance lists for $149. I’ve seen it for as low as $95. I had never seen one for the price I paid at GW -- $2.99!!!

Here it is, ready for use after a good scrubbing. The grinder and all the other features work beautifully. The insulated carafe keeps coffee piping hot for hours!
There you have it. Total spent? $11.00!

This is Smoky, an 18 pound Russian Blue. He was three years old when he was adopted from a shelter. He's seen here in his favorite chair.

Here's Smoky again, on my favorite bed ... on my favorite 14-piece Chris Madden comforter set! It listed for around $600 (you know I didn't pay that much ... but still!).

He looks sweet here, doesn't he? He can be stubborn. You don't pick him up against his will ... he's a big cat, and he has big claws that can really dig in ...

He used to have fun lying on his back, propelling himself around this chair ... using those great big claws. Here's the result:

The thing is ... it's such a comfortable chair, and the colors are nice in the walk-out basement. Re-upholstering seems a bit excessive, since the rest of the chair is fine ...

Perhaps a bit of decorative camouflage is in order. Fringe maybe. Measure the length of the fringe (starting about an inch from the floor), mark with tailor's chalk ...

Attach fringe with E-6000 craft glue, and secure with pins while it dries ...
The result:

And there are two of them!

The fringe wasn't inexpensive but, at just under $100, it saved two comfortable chairs from being moved to the sidewalk to await the trash collectors!


  1. love the fringe on the chairs...too bad the fringe was not a thrifty purchase too!

  2. Can't beat a 2.99 coffee maker. Makes every cup to drink a joy!!!

  3. Bill,
    Love your finds! Thanks for sharing.
    And can I just say that I LOVE the walls & ceiling next to the french doors in one of your photos.

  4. once again, i am amazed, not only by your gorgeous thrift finds, but the chairs are incredible! the fringe is beautiful and completely transforms the chairs. absolutely amazing.
    and i love smoky, so adorable.

  5. You did good again!! You got some great deals, especially on the coffee maker. Like what you did to the chairs. Smokey is a beautiful cat, and he looks like he has an attitude - most cats do. :-) Wrights should send you free polish for promoting their products. :-)

  6. Bill, your thrifty finds are all just so fabulous. I love all the pretty glass. It always looks so wonder with the sun shining through it and what great sparkle. Love it. Your other items are wonderful too. The coffee maker is really a steal, what a find. Your chairs turned out so pretty with the fringe. You found just the perfect color and that's not always easy to do. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love visiting your blog. You always have the nicest things. Great job with the chairs.

  8. Your home is stunning! Everything I see, I love (truth be told, everything I see, I covet!). You found great bargains, and I especially love the vintage aluminum tray from the estate sale, the pattern reminds me of a Celtic design.
    The transformation of your chairs is fabulous, you are now indebted to Smokey!

    Beautiful! Everything, beautiful!
    All the best,

  9. The fringe on the chair was a great idea and looks fabulous! That coffee maker was such a score!


  10. Wowie Zowie Bill you really found some great treasures for real cheap. I love all the photographs and how the light plays on the table and dishes. Great job on the chairs with the fringed trim...

  11. Great finds, Bill! We have that coffeemaker in black and did not get it for 2.99!!

    The chair makeover is fabulous! Great metamorphosis!

    I absolutely love your solarium windows!!

  12. Great camo job with the fringe!! You found some nice treasures at some excellent prices. Love the Versailles pattern tray and all the glassware, of course.
    :-) Sue

  13. Oh where to begin. As usual you got all the steals. Interesting what shows up in the same bin from the storage place.
    I have the same coffee maker but mine is black. Actually I no longer use the grinder because you have to take the entire thing apart to wash and dry, dry, dry all the pieces so when it grinds the beans the coffee doesn't stick all over. No so bad if you make one pot and do it in the morning but if you are running a second pot for guests it is a huge pain.

    I get the feeling Smokey gets to do whatever he wants. Heck I wouldn't argue with him.

  14. I would love to go shopping with you.
    You do have a great eye for beauty. And I love how you display and photograph your things so we can moan when we come for a visit.
    The silver tray is wonderful.

  15. You got some great stuff! Wow at the silver dish!

  16. I like all of your finds but I like Smokey the best! :)
    We have a Russian Blue. I am still amazed that in cetain light Milo does look blue. There is something very regal about this breed. Your Smokey looks like a very content, dare I say plump kitty. They are big cats. I am always surprised when our vet says Milo is not fat. All 15 lbs of him!
    Take care ~Sue

  17. Smoky has a rough life doesn't he? lol

    Once again you have out done yourself!!

  18. What a great job on the chairs. I like them better this way!
    Smokey looks just like my cat Bitty who was the runt, that is until he grew. Your pictures could be mine. The tough guy sleeps on his back like yours and has the same white tuft on his lower belly.
    I really like your blue dishes, you do find some great deals.

  19. Hi Bill,

    What a great post.
    You have a way of getting some very good deals and can't believe you got all those things, for the price you paid. I loved how the light shone on the glassware.
    You did a good job with the chairs.
    I love Russian blue cats, have a friend that has one and they are huge cats.

    enjoy your week

  20. What great finds... As always.. Love the chair you did a great job with it... And your cat is so cute...
    Have a good one

  21. You hit the jackpot!
    Great finds.
    Appreciate the sharing.
    Was fun to see what you discovered.

  22. Okay, let me start with the glassware! LOVE it! And that silver tray? Unbelievably FABULOUS!!

    And, I have THREE cats and totally understand the havoc they can create! Love your fix! Very elegant!

    Lou Cinda

  23. Hey Bill!

    Thanks for the commments you left on my blog ;) I DO have expensive taste, LOL That's a running joke in my family. Put me in a room full of stuff and I'll go to the most expensive item everytime!

    You might have a second career as a photographer. Your pictures are so pretty. I like how you use the sun to dance around the item your photographing. Pretty. I can't belive the deal you got on that coffee maker! My mom is going to die when I tell her this! She has been wanting a Cuisinart for a while now. Smokey is adorable! My cat (Wilver/Kitty Kitty..he has two names because Madison can't make up her mind, LOL) has decided to use the back of my chair as a scratching post. Ugh. Now I know who to call to add some fringe! You did an awesome job on the chair :)

    I hope you have a great week and I'll talk to ya soon. Are you on facebook or twitter?

  24. OH!MY!GOODNESS!! That coffeemaker! I cannot believe how cheaply you found it...just a wee bit jealous:)

  25. You found some really great things! I LOVE those blue bowls. And that silver piece is GORGEOUS.

    That cat is really cute though. My SIL has one about that size. I had to laugh when I saw the back of the chair, even though I know it really isnt funny. We had a cat that did that. When we got rid of those couches, the guy that picked them up asked if we had a tiger. But your fix looks fantastic!

  26. Okay, first of all - I love your cat! I have pics of my cats on my blog, too. He looks like a sweetie! I have a leather chair that's taking some cat claw abuse right now. Great deal on the cuisinart! And lastly, I LOVE your solarium! Those windows...the paneling all over! Gorgeous!

    ~ Pam

  27. Good Gosh! What great finds!Gorgeous glassware! Great job on the chairs.

  28. There is so much to comment on. Hi Smoky, please leave the beautiful fringe alone. It looks so pretty!

    I can't believe that you got all that for so little $. I think my fav is the blue bowls:)

  29. I can't BELIEVE what you paid for the coffee grinder/maker. That's just sinful. ;) Your cat is soooo cute!! I had a Russian blue named Angel when I was growing up. :)

  30. Great job on the chairs. I would have hated to see those on the roadside!

  31. Oh wow, what a STEAL on the coffee maker! It looks so pretty and shiny now that you have it all cleaned up. Love the trim you added to the chair too - it looks so great.

  32. Love all you got Bill..and that coffee maker what a steal my friend...Now those chairs turned out clever of you Bill...May you have a Great day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  33. The cuisinart knocks my socks off. Very cool.

    And the makeover on those chairs is fabulous! Hope Smokie doesnt get ahold of your $100.00 fringe!

  34. That Smokey is a lucky cat that he didn't have to forfeit one of his nine lives! :-) Brilliant idea with the looks great! Love all your great finds...especially the coffee maker...and I don't even drink coffee! :-)

  35. The cat is lovely! How great that you saved those chairs. They look even better now. I love the way you display your items on that big table and photograph them from different angles. The sunlight coming through them is so pretty.

    Please stop by and say hi. And thanks for becoming a follower.

  36. Man, you put so much on one post my mind will forget some while I try to remember enough to make a comment!! YIKES> First of all, I love the big beauty of a cat and what is so funny is that I realized this afternoon that our cat had made a fringe on the edge of one of our sofas (alas no place there for a fringe!)...and our cat is declawed but he can still wreck furniture...pooooweeee

    Secondly , I love the lighting in the pictures --glorious where the sunight comes in through those windows.

    Thirdly--I can't remember where you live, but how about you telling your Good Will people to come to ours to fix our prices....or better yet lift your entire Good Will here!! I will return this week to see what deals I can find. I did find a few things...but nothing like you!! Oh and that coffee maker is delicious!! (Although I love my hamilton beach red one--it does make a great cuppa at the right temperature.

    Fourthly--your cat deserves the the bedding is suited for his Kingship.

    Fifthly--hey--if you want short comments do a shorter blog, kiddo! I want some of those estate auctions--we had a lot more of them where I grew up as a kid.

    Sixthly ,,,great post, as always!

  37. Smokey appears to be a dream of a cat, now that he's over playing with his toy chair. What a handsome and sweet appearing creature. Russian Blues are special and meant for special people.

  38. Great bargains, Bill.
    I love those footed glasses!

  39. I love the fringe on the chair. It matches the fabric perfectly.

  40. The fringe was a clever solution! The transformation of the tray is outstanding!


  41. Let's hope that fringe doesn't tempt Smokey! That was a great save for those chairs!

    You got some lovely glassware, and that tray shined up beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Oh my WHAT will Smokey do to that fringe? Get a water pistol, Bill, and zap him when he goes near.

    Great finds-- especially that coffee maker. And the silver tray -- so lovely. (I like Wright's too.)


  43. The fringe on the two chairs looks like it was always there! The silver tray is beautiful!

  44. Bill, What finds and the prices were very right. I love the beautiful silver mirror, if you get tired of that, you can send it my way.
    I like the chaairs better with the fringe..

  45. OK..everything is lovely...the cats cute...but OMG those windows...I am in love with them. I have a wish list of things I want when we renovate..and those type of doors/windows have been top of the list out to the patio. A whole wall full just like yours. beautiful!
    Just has to gasp when I saw them :-)

  46. Hi Bill,
    OMG that is one big cat! He is a handsome fella too. Your deals are fabulous, that cuisinart has us all jealous. I love the fringe you added the chairs look really good and the brick is fabulous, love those walls! Cindy

  47. The fringe on the chair came out wonderfully. I cannot believe you got all that stuff for $4! And the pattern on the first silver platter is awesome! Great deals this week

  48. You always find great deals. Oh be careful with that glue-it causes cancer.
    I hope you will come by for a visit.
    Its So Very Cheri

  49. Hello Bill! I'm not quite sure how I found you, but am tickled that I did. You did good on all of your shopping on this post. Love the kitty - and you got a SCREAMING deal on the coffee maker!
    The light in your solarium is gorgeous, I need to find time to go back through your old posts. Off to work for now but I'm following now and will be back . . . HAGD!
    Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds

  50. Hi Bill, I love all your thrifty finds. I have the same set of crystal candle holders as shown if the newly polished tray. They were purchased by my husband for his mother when he was a senior in high school. He's now 76 and so that's been a few years back. The shots of Smokey lounging is just too cute for words. what a vision for the chairs.. The wonderful bullon fringe is gorgeous.. loved your transformation.
    Happy MM. hugs ~lynne~

  51. Hey, Bill! you always score some nice things from your thriftstores. Love, love the silver tray, so pretty. And the coffee maker, what a find that was. Your kitty is adorable & I love how you saved those chairs with the fringe. Perfect solution. Thanks as always for coming by my party.

  52. Bill, you are just the most delightful fella. I love all your great finds and my daughter would arm wrestle you for that awesome coffee maker. I have it on my Christmas list for her.
    Now, your fix of that chair is amazing. It looks so so great.

  53. Popping over from Rhoda's for a visit! Get that new coffee maker chuggin'! LOL! That Smokey is one BIG cat! Gotta love fat cats!
    Great finds Bill. I'd never find those fun things around here! That's it....I'm moving!
    Thanks for sharing!

  54. Great finds and amazing job on those chairs Bill!! I can't believe that coffee pot- what a steal!
    Happy Monday.

  55. Bill,

    I'm so glad that your dad is better. :-)
    That's one of those things that can make your heart race. It was good to see your name in the posting party again. Great Deals!!! The platter looks like it is a match for a large bowl my mom has. She just used it Saturday for serving salad.
    Love what you did to the chairs. Now if you can keep the kitty away from the FRINGE!!! I have a 22 pounder Maine Coon mix. He would love to shred any wicker he could get his claws into!!
    ..So I have very few pieces. Luckily, when he starts his bad boy clawing, one of my dogs goes for him, and away he flies, always to safety upstairs. :-)Kobe is my sentry for saving the furniture downstairs!
    Thanks for sharing.

  56. Wow, you came up with some wonderful finds!! The glassware and dishes are gorgeous. You gave those chairs such a lovely detail with the fringe on the bottom. I also just wanted to tell you that the sunshine streaming in the windows of what I am guessing is your dining room is just lovely.

  57. great job on the chairs. They look beautiful. Love your cat and all your wonderful thrify finds.

  58. Hi Bill:
    So glad to have you back in blog land. Love the fringe on the chairs. They really look amazing. I also love your cat, don't remember him making the blog scene before. Pets really do make a house a home.
    - The Tablescaper

  59. Good job on your chairs. That bread tray polished up beautifully.

  60. Bill, you did an absolutely amazing job on those chairs. They look smashing, and I love, love, love that Gorhan tray. I cannot believe you got it for that price. Way to go! I wish your Goodwill was here. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  61. WOW you did a great job with those chairs! Your are one thrifty shopper. Warm wishes for a great week, Esther

  62. Hi Bill~ ~Wow, Love the beautiful Gorham tray. I'll give you 5 bucks for it. Tidy profit, what do ya say? Just kidding, you get the best deals. Love the solarium windows in your diningroom.
    Smoky looks so cuddly and sweet. Cats and upholstered furniture, not a pretty match. I put his cat scratcher by the sofa hoping he will take the hint. I load it up with catnip. So far so good.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  63. Very clever of you to add the fringe, Bill. It looks perfect! I can't believe you bought all those for that price, I need to go shopping with you! The bread tray looks so ornate and fabulous!...Christine

  64. I cannot believe (!) the Gorham tray was such a steal & your Cuisinart coffee maker is wonderful.
    You certainly have an "eye" for a great bargain.
    and the chairs..................what can I say, a! maz!ing!.
    a bientot

  65. Hey Bill!
    Love, love your windows in the dining room. All that fantastic soft light is beautiful. And the fringe on the chair bottoms is genious (I love fringe!), but hope your big,strong kitty doesn't think they are his new cat toys!
    Have a wonderful week, hope you'll come see me soon!
    Heart and Home

  66. Wow Bill! You got some great deals! I love the Gorham tray and that coffee maker was a steal! I like the way you solved the Smokey chair problem. The fringe looks like it was there all along! I've had to do a little creative reworking with some of my furniture after my kitty cat staff got through with it, too! Do you know about Sticky Paws? It's a very wide two-sided clear tape. My kitties won't touch anything once I have applied it! That smokey is a big old hansdome guy! Happy week!...Debbie

  67. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the compliment on the glasses, I love them, lead crystal and $1.00 each at Christmas Tree Shop. I'll have to post a picture of my Bitty sleeping on his back, you will be startled at how much they look alike.

  68. Bill, you find such great treasures! Thanks for sharing the pics of your cat and that chair - reminds me of my kitty. Great solution by the way!


  69. Hi Bill,thought I would pop in to say hello,I'm so sorry about the illness of a loved one in your family.I'm so glad though that things are better.
    I cannot believe how nicely the platter and coffee grinder cleaned up.You find the most amazing things.In our goodwill, most things in the store sahould be trashed. Really!!! that bad. Your Russian Blue is just gorgeous.My friend and I shared a Russian Blue,his name was Pan.They are very huge cats.
    You really did a great job on the chair.I love the fringe.Very nice. Now! what are you going to do to keep Smoky away from the tempting fringe? LOL...I would like to see that! XXOO Marie Antionette

  70. WOW! I just must go shopping with You Bill!!! =) LOVE all of your great finds & how you revamped those chairs..I also love the photos you took the lighting superb! (p.s.) doing my first giveaway) =)

  71. Oh... I love that great big kitty! He looks a lot like my two :)
    I love your blogs and your posts.

  72. a great taste can play with anything - you have that !