Monday, November 2, 2009

Estate Sale, the Music Video???

I do love a good estate sale. I think perhaps I've mentioned that to you before ...

Found this today and thought I'd share:

Estate Sale by Cheryl Wheeler

Estate sale today, from 1 o'clock to 4
You go and get ready, I'll go start the car
Better to be early, then we'll be the first in line
And you know how I love this, it's amazing what you'll find,

I'll head for the kitchen you check out upstairs.
Old post cards and pens and blue Fiesta Ware
Shaving mugs and winged eyeglasses, giant plastic pins
Linen suits and flowered dresses, I'm so glad we got in..

It's not always "dead people's houses;" sometimes they're downsizing, moving somewhere fantastic ...
Well ... OK ... usually it's the end of the road.

I sort of like the idea of my little treasures being loved by someone else after I'm gone. How about you?


  1. That is funny - thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. Bill, this was tooo cute! And soooo true! Thanks for gave me a laugh! Sort of makes me want to visit an estate sale, soon! :-)

  3. Hi Bill,
    Thank you so much for the comment on my blogpost of yesterday!
    Your post was so funny! I loved it!


  4. Hello Bill! I just wanted to say hello and tell you I got moved. The small place even came with a storage shed to house some of my treasures! It may be a while before I can participate in Tablescape Thursday but I will continue to enjoy looking at the sites! Thank you for your encouragement! Have an awesome day!
    Love Lilly

  5. Cool! I love estate sales. We just went to one last Saturday with so many treasures. Unfortunately, everything went up so high and I only ended up winning a pair of walnut tobacco twist pedestals and some jewelry and silver expresso, salt cellar spoons and canapes forks. But we had a lot of fun....Christien

  6. Chuckle, chuckle :o)
    I like the 'usually it's the end of the road.'
    Funny post, lol.

  7. Yes, I like the idea of someone loving the things I loved as long as it's not a photograph of Mr. Magpie and me. I think I will burn those before I go off to meet my maker. They are reserved for close friends and family alone. :-)

  8. I always wonder what happened to the people who used to own things at estate sales.

    And yes, I hope people get my stuff that will love it like I did. Just don't leave my undies in the drawers. That always makes me so sad to see!

    Lou Cinda :)

  9. See I would have missed this one. Your site is also loading much quicker now.

  10. Ha - I hadn't heard this one. I love Cheryl Wheeler's folky rants like On the Plane and It's the Phone, too.

  11. That’s too funny and true. Who would have thought there was a song about estate sales. Now we need one about Goodwill!