Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Golden Foliage

It's time for another Tablescape Thursday with our charming hostess, Susan of Between Naps on the Porch. I'm very grateful to Susan for providing this popular creative outlet for those of us who enjoy collecting tabletop items and sharing them through our posts. I'm also extremely appreciative of all the visits and kind comments from so many of you. Visits/comments aren't WHY we blog, but they do provide affirmation (and sometimes offer helpful critique).

I'm pleased that Jackie from Surrey, UK, who participated in Tablescape Thursday a few times, has decided to return to blogging. Stop by and see her at http://jackiespersonalblog.blogspot.com/. If you followed her previous blog, you already know Jackie takes readers to fascinating places, takes great photographs, and shares insight into life in the UK (Anglophiles take heed!).

I'm not sure why, but I'd resisted the urge to set a seasonal table for you ... until today. It must be the glory of the Autumn colors I've been seeing on bright, beautiful days that compelled me to 'think leaves,' both real and in stylized patterns. The Japanese maple out front is so beautiful this year! I snipped leaves (from an inconspicuous spot) and tucked them into each napkin. The napkins are vintage, from an estate sale, and appear never to have been used. They were reduced (second day of the sale) to $2 for six.

A few weeks ago, I set a 'circa 1961' table for you, inspired by the Mad Men series on AMC. You can see that table HERE. In one episode, I was delighted to see Mad Men's main character, Don Draper, sipping scotch from a vintage Libbey "Golden Foliage" rocks glass. I have my mother's set of Libbey stemmed water goblets. She acquired them with trading stamps when I was a child. They were only used for special meals, and she never put them in the dishwasher. They're as shiny as the day she proudly brought them home.

If you've visited Affordable Accoutrements before, you probably won't be TOO surprised to learn that I've expanded her little collection. I purchased this set of beverage glasses (in the original brass caddy) at an antique mall. The flatware is "South Seas" by Oneida, 1955 (just for you, Lori E!).

For the centerpiece, I opted to use supermarket flowers (marked down of course ... to just $2.99!). The nice lady I always exchange pleasantries with at the store told me she was just about to reduce some tulips ... if I could use them. She offered me several colors, but I thought the red and yellow seemed the right choice for a Fall table.
They were still tightly closed when I brought them home but, after I snipped the stems and put them in water, they began to open in the afternoon light. I think the little pitcher, lower left, is rather cunning, don't you? ;)

I decided to bring in a painting from another room to further the colorful theme. It's an impasto oil painting (thick paint applied with a palette knife) done a few years ago by my friend, Yvonne. She's won many awards with her dramatic approach to artmaking.

Here's another view of the table. I used dark blue placemats (from Goodwill) and a blue art glass vase I received as a birthday gift last month.

With such boldly patterned glassware, I decided the china should be simple. It's called "Concorde," by Theodore Haviland. It was introduced in 1950 (although it resembles a different, much older, Haviland pattern). I know this was made prior to 1957, because it's marked New York, and Theodore Haviland's operations were moved to France that year. I have quite a few pieces, purchased at two different estate sales.

This china could have been on a table set by Don Draper's wife, Betty. She might have selected the pattern as a bride in the late 1950s. Their home is a mixture of traditional furnishings and mid-century modern.

The coffee pot is probably my favorite of the serving pieces. You can purchase one from Replacements, LTD for only $239.95. Fortunately, all the pieces I've collected total less than that amount!

The "tipsy" decanter is a piece I'll probably never actually use, but isn't it fun?

I enjoyed seeing the flowers backlit in mid-afternoon.

A closer view ...

I decided to hang the painting lower than I normally would, since it would be viewed by guests seated at the table. Eye level is a relative concept at best. Often, I think people tend to hang art a bit too high.

Yvonne's painting has shades of blue in the background that echo the colors of the placemats and the vase. As dinnertime approached, I removed the beverage glasses/caddy and the decanter set from the table. And lit the candles ...

I added leaves here and there to provide additional color and texture.

This view from above includes the ice bucket and the condiments set (both in brass caddies).

I used sturdy, but sparkling clear, stemmed glasses (49 cents each at Goodwill) as votive holders.

I always enjoy the way candles uplight a bouquet of flowers.

Same subject, different view ...

More blue in the early evening sky ...

Time for the guests to arrive ....

It could almost be the 1960's, couldn't it? Will the ladies wear pale pink lipstick, two sets of false eyelashes? Will they have bouffant hair styles, teased and sprayed ... or will it be long, straight, and ironed into submission? Will the men have Beatles haircuts? Wear Nehru jackets?

I think I'll put a nice Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass album on the turntable. Or maybe a Nancy Wilson record ... or Dionne Warwick. What do you think? Oh ... that was a question for Baby Boomers ... Gen Xers need not respond!

I hope you enjoyed my leafy table. Next week, a look back at the tables I've set for you during the past four months.

Just in case you thought we were finished talking about Libbey leaf glasses ... I might as well go ahead and tell you ... I collect the silver version as well! My mother got those in boxes of Silver Dust Laundry Detergent ... and Golden Wheat dishes in boxes of Duz. Do any of you remember those products? So long ago ... or was it only yesterday?


  1. Beautiful Bill! I adore that vase. And the painting is wonderful. Most people do tend to hang art too high (as my DH the picture framer is forever reminding me lol). As for the music, Nancy would be perfection! Have a wonderful week. Kathy

  2. Oh My Gosh Sweet Friend,
    This setting just made me cry. It is so beautiful and with the flowers it is exquisite. I would love to walk into this dining room and dine at this table. It is my dream table. I absoloutely love it. I love the touches of the maple leaves on the napkins, friend that just set them off like fireworks. The colors are so vibrant. You have outdone yourself this time Bill. This is my all time favorite. I so love it.

    Thank you my friend for sharing. Please stop by and say hello. I miss seeing your smiling face. Hope you are well, staying away from all of the flu bugs going around. Take care and see ya soon. Country hugs, Sherry

  3. Bill,
    Another wonderful tablescape. You are my hero! I do not find the deals that you do though! I, too, am glad to see Jackie back!

    I am starting Tablescape Thursdays now that I am back in Florida and have real table.


  4. Bill-I remember those glasses! The Haviland pattern looks very similar to the Gwendolyn Herend pattern my daughter picked out. You know I have a "relationship" with the Kroger florist too--:) Once again, you delight and inform us. How about a little "A Taste Of Honey" or "Do you know the way to San Jose?"?

  5. Wow--you have yours up early!!! I love those glasses; I am wondering why we don't get nice freebees in our detergent nowadays!! I love the painting for the table's background---the colors just set the mood and atmosphere. I like the way you have picked them up in your table. I also like the fact that you are so gifted in your creativity. That coffee pot is fab!! I also love those dishes on the bare table--nice touch!

  6. Bill -- your tablescapes are always so elegant. Love the glasses -- how great for fall -- from late September right up until Thanksgiving. And the simplicity of the china! Perfect. But your tablescapes always are. And I love the touch of fall colors in the leaves and flowers!

  7. OMG Bill,
    Do I feel old. I got a set of those golden leaf glasses as a shower gift. They were well used, until the last one broke. I recieved the gift 37 years ago...I must be the same generation as your Mom. I ironed my hair, had pale pink lipstick, Twiggy eyelashes. That is about the time I got Harvest gold appliances, bittersweet orange formica and loads of wallpaper. Ahhh, those were the days!

  8. oh, Bill, simply stunning!!! And I remember those glasses, too!!! Wow, what a fantastic job you did!


  9. Thank you Bill for the South Seas shout out. My momma's table never looked quite like this one though.

    I would serve some Dubonnet as an aperitif in the "tipsy" decanter. With a twist of lemon peel. Perhaps chilled ahead of time.

    If you were hanging art for me you would have to start probably somewhere around waist high as I am barely 5 feet tall. My husband though is 6'3 so art at our house could be hung just about any level.

    I am so in love with music from the sixties. A little Whipped Creme and Other Delights on the record player by Herb Alpert (he will be playing here in Vancouver in Jan. 2010)aperitif in hand, kicky white boots and a multi-colored micro mini dress. Lots of black eyeliner.

    My guy in bell bottom pants, pointy toed boots and a paisley shirt. Mod all the way back to London. You had best put the dishes away before the music changes to the Kinks or Eric Burdon and the Animals because we don't want anything broken when the go-go dancing starts.

  10. This is another stunning table. I do remember those glasses. My mom had some, however I have no idea what ever happened to them. All of the dishes and serving pieces are so pretty and as usual your table is so beautifully put together. I remember Duz too when I was small. It really doesn't seem like that long ago. Thanks for a beautiful table and the memories. Hugs, Marty

  11. Another beautiful table. I remember the glasses that came in caddies, Nancy Wilson, Tijuana Brass, teased hair, etc., etc. all very well! The record albums and a cabinet style stereo - kids now days think we were deprived. :-D
    Thanks for stopping by, Yes - I really do need a hard hat when the hickory nuts are falling and the squirrels have dinner in the tree. They are finished for the season now - just have to deal with the leaves.

  12. My grandmother had those tall tumblers in a carrying case and the Herb Albert album with the lady in whipped cream. What a great table! Love your theme within a fall theme. :D Jewel

  13. Very sixties and as for myself and my millenial children, we'll opt for Dave Brubeck!
    Paula ~ Mise en scène

  14. Great job as usual, Bill! The glasses are similar to a pattern one of my best friends' parents had. I love that your mother got hers with stamps. I loved S&H Green Stamps. I got some neat things using Mama's. It was always fun to be able to go and redeem them. I once got a small brass coffee table (I needed a small one) for my first home.

    Your setting is lovely. I always enjoy seeing your collection of dishes, crystal, and flatware, and the new linens are so pretty. Love how you folded them. Our Episcopal priest used to come to our house to dinner, and he would fold my napkins for me. LOL! That always makes me smile.


    Sheila :-)

  15. Hi Dear Bill! Oh, you've done it again. What a lovely table. The china is so pretty! My mother had those glasses in the caddy and I'm thinking hers may have been the silver design. I don't know if we ever used them. I do wish I knew what had happened to them. I didn't have a clue there were so many pieces to this set! Oh, you are truly a collector.
    Those tulips in the blue vase are so lovely! I didn't even know you could find tulips in November! I love your photography too! It's always so a thrill coming to visit you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Hi Bill,
    This is outstanding! I do feel like I went into a time machine and was a little girl again in the sixties. I have the same leaf glassware that were handed down to my hubby from his Grandma. Your flowers are gorgeous, your china and flatware too! Thanks for the trip back in time, Cindy

  17. Beautiful!!!! Nice job, as always!

  18. so pretty! good to see you back on my dashboard, must have been a glitch that i missed so many of your posts~

  19. Those tulips are beautiful!! They are my favorite flowers :)

  20. Lovely, lovely, lovely......

  21. I would slather on the black eyeliner... French twist my hair...false eye lashes, with chandelier earing's in a beetle jade setting with gold trim. Leather straps at least three with an elephant hair match...on my wrist with sterling silver mother of pearl bracelet and a turquoise ring... bohemian paisley halter top... worn jeans with stacked high heels...a velvet gemstone color jacket in tapestry colors and an appetite for gourmet cuisine... patchouly oil and an after dinner Mary Jane. Please play some Carol King and anything Woodstock, Yes. Oh I was a bad girl once... not any more just older and smarter. Folly can be fun! Bill you out did yourself and I had fun with my comment... keep em coming!

  22. Beautiful table, Bill.....I passed up some of those glasses just yesterday...I have no space to store them. I know they will be gone by the time I go again. And yes, I do remember the 'Golden Foliage' from back in the 50's; everyone I knew had at least a few. As for the music, I am a Herb Alpert fan.

  23. Hi Bill,

    I enjoyed visiting your beautiful table today.
    I love the leaf glassware and the tulips, especially in the candlelit photos.

    I hope that you are having a wonderful week

  24. Bill, you always amaze me with your talent. Your tablescape is over the top gorgeous. The leaf glassware is amazing. Love all the shots..
    hugs ~lynne~

  25. Perfect table! And especially perfect for Fall with the leaf glassware, and, YES, I remember them! And I remember the dishes in Duz!
    I still have my Mom's jelly jar and peanut butter jar glasses! Not as elegant as yours but the peanut butter jars are great filled with iced tea on a summer afternoon.
    LOVE the tulips! And the painting is beautiful!
    (And I hang all my pictures too high, I'm tall and my eye level is high).
    Pretty, Pretty post!
    Great photography!
    All the best,

  26. Everything looks so romantic! I just love it all... most of all the night shots, those are so hard to get and you nailed it!


    ~Really Rainey~

  27. Bill, you always offers us such a splendid setting. You know exactly how to set the mood right on through to the early morning hours. You area a master at taking us back down memory lane. And yes, of course I remember and thanks for the journey back in time. Grocery stores, gas stations, laundry soaps, just to name a few had wonderful tabletop goodies as free gifts. Those were the good ole days for sure!

    I think this table may be up at the top of my favorites list. The tulips in the afternoon sun, the burst of color in the painting, the golden leaf vintage Libbey glasses, and the Haviland china are the perfection. You are a creative genius. I don't want to leave! ~ Sarah

    I now have Haviland "Concorde" on my wish list! The scalloped edges won my heart.

  28. That painting takes my breath away! Tulips are my favorite flower...so, you had me with the centerpiece and the art! I love the color combinations...this is very unusual and stunning. Sue

  29. Hi Bill
    Such a surprise to see tulips instead of cryshanismums for an autumn tablescape! They look so beautiful! I love the Libbey glasses -they bring back memories.

  30. Good morning Bill. Another beautiful post and tablescape today. YOur tablesettings are gorgeous and what I extra like today are those tulips. My favorite flowers as they tell me it is going to be spring again. Haven't seen them here yet but then I haven't looked for them also. Hope to see you again on my blog some day, I have been learning so much about photography lately with my new camera.
    Have a nice day

  31. Morning Bill, thank you very much for the great welcome back. I certainly missed blogging, although I was still reading other blogs.Great table, I love it in the sunshine especially with the great tulips and the Japanese Maple leaves. I have a programme on my PC that converts my photographs to an Impasto picture which is fun.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog.Official Remembrance Day here and sadly we are attending a funeral. We will all remember all our soldiers we have lost in the Afghanistan war too.RIP

  32. Bill, like always I know that when I click on your blog and it is one of your tablescapes, I am in for a visit full of oooooooohs and ahhhhhhhhhs! What a gorgeous table. The glasses are just perfect for this time of year. The leaf detail is wonderful! Your attention to detail is perfection! I am very impressed with your ability to pull all the elements from the painting, to the flowers, and down to the very last detail together so they work in great harmony. Beautifully and artfully done.
    A step back in time.

  33. Ahhh, what a gorgeous table...love the addition of the painting. For music, let's not forget John Gary and his 3 octave range. His renditions of "Ebb Tide" and "Unchained Melody" were exquisite!


  34. What a magnificent setting, Bill. The table is just stunning.
    Of course I remember the glassware, the Wheat dishes (I do believe it is Dot over at Pickets Place that collects these) and Herb Alpert and the T. Brass.....it's on my playlist as we speak! :O)
    I am always so amazed at the treat of information you furnish with your beautiful tables. You are so entertaining and I know you are a delightful host and dinner partner for all your friends.
    Please keep up the fabulous work!!
    xo bj

  35. HI BIll, I forgot to mention that I started another blog. It is more of a photoblog than my other one. Here is the link http://rietsphotoblog.blogspot.com/
    Riet, The Netherlands

  36. Beautiful! Stunning! Gorgeous! You've heard it all before, but I can't help repeating it. I love your tables. Every Thursday your blog is the second one I go to - only after the wonderful Susan's at Between Naps on the Porch.

    Thank you for not disappointing me - ever. (Though I have missed you when you were gone.) Now, if I could just make my tables look half as nice. Something to strive for!

    gloria - no blog, just a follower

  37. Bill,
    As usual just beautiful. I loved the painting and yes I can remember when those glasses were given away. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  38. This table has such a delicious mix of colors & textures, Bill. I'm so glad you were able to save & add to your Mom's collection of glasses. I remember them well & wish I had MY Mom's!

    Your idea to use real leaves in the napkins to pick up the leaf patterns on the glassware was ingenious. Then to move paintings around so that they matched the flowers!! No one but you would think to do that, seriously. I ♥ it!!

    Another splendid tablescape, my friend. BRAVO!!


  39. wow,i love all!!!you really have a great taste and some beautiful things.
    beautiful flowers and gorgeous windows...
    have a great evening.

  40. Another great TT!! The photography is wonderful! What a nice collection you have accumulated.
    Bill, you must consider publishing a book with all your marvelous creations!


  41. Well, beam me back, Scottie..I remember glasses like that!
    Perfect for your Fall table.
    Everything is exquisite including your photography skills!
    I remember seeing Dionne Warwick at a college concert. She ran late, and we all had to be back in the dorm at 11. We all got up to leave, and she yelled at us to sit down...Unfortunately, the house mom didn't accept that as an excuse and we all got campused! The things you remember..
    Great table, as always Bill!

  42. Great post. Love the gold leaves on the glasses, but I think the tulips stole the show. Such great colors and tulips at this time of the year are such a treat.

    - The Tablescaper

  43. This is another splendid table setting, Bill.
    The leaf patterned glassware and accessory pieces are so elegant and delightful. And ever so appropriate for the season. Love the tulips...
    So what do you think the soon to be divorced Mrs. Draper is going to be doing once(if) she marries the politician? Will she be accepted into his social circle? If so, I think she be using a much higher entertainment budget! *grin*

  44. After Susan's eye candy tablescapes, I always search out yours next. That says it all. Jackie

  45. Bill, My Mother also had those glasses, but I didn't keep them, now I am sorry. They are beautiful on your fall table. Everything is great.


  46. Hi Bill! This is just an awesome table! I remember the glassware when I was growing up. Several of my friends family's had them. I don't remember the detergents but my mom was big on Gold Bond Stamps. Lots of her pretties were redeemed with stamps. :)

    You set a beautiful table! I am always impressed!


  47. Bill, you've done it again...absolutely fabulous!! So vintage. It's brought back some lovely memories. Loving those tulips. The only dishwasher is my son, lol. Oh go on...put Nancy on, why don't you :o)


  48. Beautiful, as usual, Bill! I do remember "soap box" dishes and trading stamps.

    Thanks so much, for the beautiful table. I love listening to Roger Williams...Autumn Leaves.

  49. As always, a breathtaking table! So warm and inviting :)


  50. Beautiful tulips and tablescape. I love your vintage glassware too.

  51. So lovely! I love to come to your blog every week Bill, for my "lesson" in vintage! You are always an inspiration.
    Cheers, Andrea

  52. Fabulous again! I'm so glad I discovered your blog and your beautiful tablescapes. I so appreciate the beautiful vintage china/crystal/silver that you use in such an updated way. I also LOVE replacements!

  53. Where should I begin?? Everything looks amazing. Tulips are my very favorite flower, so I adore your centerpiece! I love the the painting, too. (I agree with you about the height people tend to hang pictures...)

    Gorgeous tablescape. Absolutely gorgeous.

  54. Hi Bill,
    You always share the most beautiful tablescapes! Today's table brought back memories...My mom also collected these dishes. Unfortunately she moved from her home while I lived in TX and I was unable to save the plates and glassware. Hopefully someone is truly enjoying them today.

    Thank you for reminding me that there is elegance in table design...I have learned much from you. And because of this...
    You have been tagged with the Honest Scrap award...the directions are my "Honest Scrap" post. I was asked to choose 7 people who have encouraged me...and I have chosen you. Please take a few minutes and share about you...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  55. Tulips in the fall... Wow, I just planted some in the yard after school today! Everything is so much fun when visting you. YOU make it all so special when sharing your knowledge and using such treasured pieces. Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to your next beautiful post.

  56. Hi Bill! Your tulips are gorgeous! They're giving me spring fever:-)Beautiful tablescape all throughout. The china is exquisite and I remember those pretty vintage glassware...Christine

  57. Hello,

    I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS on being Blog Of Note at Blogger.


    I know, Google loves you and you deserve it.

    Cheers and best regards from Canada.

    José Luis Ávila Herrera
    My photoblog

  58. I love the glassware! Congrats on being a blog of note.

  59. You NEVER cease to amaze and delight us, Bill! Another gorgeous table, but then I have come to expect nothing less:):) WE HAD THOSE SAME GLASSES when we got married (amlost 42 years ago)!!!! But, just the beer glasses. Now I am going on a hunt for them! What memories they bring back....so thank you for that. I would love to dine at one of your wonderful tables, and the music would be perfect too! Pinky

  60. another winner for you! Amazing. I can just about see Betty and Don Draper entertaining clients at this table of yours. And those glasses! I am kicking myself because I have seen one or two at Goodwill now and then. That's it! I am now on an official hunt for them. They are just perfect fall glasses.

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  62. Bill,
    Firstly, Congratulations on your "Blog of Note" honor. I was thrilled to find you this morning, and immediately signed on to be one of your "followers" (though in a less sinister way than that sounds - haha).
    You had me at Libbey leaf glass. My grandmother (92 years young) still has hers. It takes me back to my milk and cookie days.
    Your photos are beautiful and I look forward to learning and exchanging ideas.
    My Best,
    Bonnie of Blogging To A Better Bonnie

  63. I don't enjoy cooking, but I love setting the table! I love your ideas! Will be back again!

  64. Fascinating! Well done. I particularly liked the photo of the bunch of flowers being lit up so prettily by the wax candle. What a beautiful thought!

  65. ciao! ha aperto i battenti il nuovo portale di cinema direttamente dagli studios di Cinecittà. News, recensioni, anteprime, foto, video e tanto altro ancora; e se vuoi collaborare con noi scrivendo recensioni scrivici @ dnacinema@yahoo.it http://dnacinema.blogspot.com/ P.S. Complimenti per il blog, ottimo lavoro! (saresti daccordo per un'affiliazione? ci terrei particolarmente...) A presto! Lorenzo

  66. THAT was a pure joy to read! It was just lucious. I can't wait to come back. This is the help I need. I do not know how to do things like this; I can run companies, sure, but not this. What you do really takes SKILL! Seriously does.

    Perhaps when I read you enough, I might develop some too, no?

  67. Truly Amazing! My mother had these libby gold leafed glasses and they brought back a flood of memories. It's very funny and timely that I had thought (and had a dream) about her table settings of late and I appreciate your reminder of a special time in my life. Your photos are gorgeous and I look forward to returning again soon.

  68. Ive seen those tall tumblers i think it was at my aunts house in a carrying case i also loved the herb albert album made me laugh with the whip cream great table i love your fall theme

  69. Bill,
    I just love this tablescape, the leave etched glasses are just perfect for a fall table....I absolutely love your choice of yellow and orange tulips! Quite unexpected for a fall table and so beautiful! I have a weakness for tulips! I think the whole table setting is cheerful and sophisticated! Great job!. I enjoy your blog so much!

  70. I was anxiously awaiting for Thursday to arrive to get my artistic fix for the week.

    The 60's era you created is so nostalgic as I lived in Arlington Va. savoring the Kennedy Camelot Days.

    The Libby Golden Foliage & Haviland Concorde marry up well together. Now, I am certain that Colin Cowie has NOTHING over you :)

    Anxious to visit next week. I don't need a bad case of "Tablescape Withdrawals" now that you have me inspired.

    Not a Blogg'in, Just a Look'in from Good 'Ol Texas


  71. Bill, I love, love, love what you've done here. Just waiting for members of "The Rat Pack" to spring out and sit down for dinner. You go, boy!! AL @ Budget Elegance.

  72. You sure know how to push my buttons!

    I, too, am a Mad Men junkie -- and I'd like to take those two gorgeous people and shake them till they rattle! Their kids are in for many years of therapy.

    Scribbler in Birmingham

  73. What a beautiful table!! Absolutely wonderful. And I remember my mother getting some of those glasses in the detergent boxes. Unfortuntely, they went to my older siblings when she passed away.

  74. Wow...most of the time B.O.N. has me scratchin' my head. But what a find yesterday! Beautiful tablescapes...I'll be checking back often.

  75. Hi Bill! For some reason today, I just happened to click on the "blogs of note" button on my blogger dashboard. Featured there was one I recognized... yours! I don't know how blogs are selected to be featured there... or even if you know it's there... but just wanted to say congratulations. I enjoy your blog and I'm glad you were recognized!

  76. What a beautiful picture.. absolutely

  77. Hi Bill,
    Love your tablescape! Your Mom's glassware is soooo pretty. Bet she would love that you've continued collecting it and found so many awesome pieces. I also, love your china...so elegant! Beautiful candlelight pics! I can see why Yvonne has won awards...her painting is wonderful and perfect with your tablescape!

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  79. Just one word, beautiful.
    I'll be glad to check your new updates.
    Thanks for sharing.

  80. You made the blog of note list through blogger. Just saw it today. I love your mother's special glassware --- my mother had the same set years ago--now, long gone. Not sure what she did with them. She also has a set of 24K gold electroplated flatware that we still use sometimes-- a few pieces are missing. I am not sure, but I believe the flatware was given for opening up a bank account.

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  83. Your blog title intrigued me but I never expected to click through and find an eclectic collection of vintage white & gold china and glassware so similar to my own. And to also find someone else who keeps an eye out for such treasures while watching Mad Men. I look forward to checking out more of your tablescapes. Nice work!

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  86. Hello brother!
    This table is stunning!! I love love love it!! Beautiful job!!

  87. What a lovely setting. Fall colors are my favorite. I can see why you were inspired to create.

  88. Bill!!!! You made Blog of Note! I'm so excited for you! A very worthy blog for such an honor.

    Congratulations, I'm thrilled for you.

  89. Congratulations!!!!! I saw that you made "Blogs of Note". You so deserve it. Your posts are always so informative and beautiful. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see more. Hugs, Marty

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  91. I am wondering why we don't get nice freebees in our detergent nowadays!

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