Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pink + Yellow = Spring!!!

What a difference a week makes! A few short days ago, I was delighted to find four daffodils blooming in the garden. I shared them in last week's Tablescape Thursday post HERE. Now daffodil season is well underway in West Tennessee, and I love bringing them inside as a reminder that spring is just around the corner.

When I was a child, my mother made it a point to have fresh flowers on the breakfast table as often as possible. Sometimes it would be quite simple: a dainty bunch of wild violets, sweet peas from the garden fence, wild honeysuckle. At the appropriate times, there'd be flowering redbud branches, lilacs, tulips, iris, peonies, zinnias, daisies, roses and chrysanthemums. My favorites were the dizzyingly sweet smelling hyacinths and the golden daffodils, harbingers of spring. She loved arranging the daffodils in a low, heart-shaped bowl with a vintage glass flower frog inside. She'd carefully place them (along with their own foliage) in the container, creating the effect of a blooming clump of daffodils in the center of the table.

I used her favorite glass frog in one of the arrangements today. I also included winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) sometimes called "Sweet Breath of Spring." As I walked along the garden path the other day, I noticed a sweet, lemony smell, turned quickly, and looked down. I half-expected the hyacinths to be blooming. Then I realized it was the winter honeysuckle (my father calls it "Christmas honeysuckle). It's an old-fashioned shrub that earns its place in a garden in many ways, the most significant of which is that it blooms while other plants are dormant. This one bloomed in December, took a break during snowy weather, and has begun again. That wonderful fragrance always takes me back to childhood. Isn't it interesting how scents can evoke such strong memories?

We're back in the dining room on a bright, but cloudy, afternoon.

I set a table for you a few months ago with mis-matched gold-rimmed crystal. See it HERE. This time I used a similar assemblage of platinum-rimmed ones. They were all clearance items from department stores and gift shops, with a sprinkling of thrifted treasures from Goodwill. Most cost only a dollar or two.

No tablecloth or placemats this week. You know I prefer to keep things simple! ;)

The dishes I wanted to use had pink and red-violet floral patterns. How, I thought, can I make those colors harmonize with yellow daffodils? I decided to include hellebores in the centerpiece. If you're not familiar with these winter-blooming plants, you can read about them HERE. They have an interesting, somewhat unsettling, history ... but they're wonderful to have in a garden, providing long lasting blooms and attractive foliage. Common names are "Lenten Rose" or "Christmas Rose." With their downcast attitude and inclination to shed and droop, they're definitely not the best cut flowers for arrangements. But ... I needed their color today, and they're fine for a one-day bouquet.

A closer view ...

I mixed-and-matched two Haviland china patterns today. Today's post was inspired by Jason Murakawa of Simple Masterpiece. Check out his site HERE. He has an amazing collection of Haviland Limoges china! I've used this combination (topped with festive shrimp cocktails in tall, modern martini glasses) for a real-life dinner party, and guests were generous with their compliments. You can see the shrimp cocktails in a post I did last summer. It's HERE.

The tall arrangement on the bombay chest is in a thrifted urn-shaped container. I used a slice of oasis (wet floral foam) in the bottom, then added a glass flower frog. The frog and the oasis serve to stabilize the winter honeysuckle branches which, in turn, help hold the daffodils in place. I've found that daffodils don't care for being inserted in oasis. The stems are too soft, and I'm sure it interferes with water absorption. I used a knife and a plastic cutting board to cut the stems at a 45 degree angle. They should last for at least a week, perhaps longer if the water is changed a few times. By the way, I've read that daffodils contain a mild toxin (the reason deer don't eat them) that can affect other flowers in a mixed arrangement. It's best to condition them in water, changing the water a few times before mixing in other flowers.

A kind neighbor shared her old-fashioned daffodils for today's post. Over time, transplanting bulbs from her family's homeplace, she's filled the woods behind her house with what appear to be hundreds of the bright spots of cheery yellow. I think they're charming in their simplicity. These are arranged in a Lenox vase.

A closer view. One larger hybrid daffodil slipped in to create a subtle focal point. The plate behind the arrangement is a Theodore Haviland chop platter. The pattern is almost identical to the dinner plates on today's table, except that the rims are smooth, rather than scalloped.

The cup and saucer is "Rosalinde" by Theodore Haviland (New York). The same pattern was also manufactured in France after the company moved its operations back to Europe. Theodore Haviland china was manufactured in the US from 1936 until a few years after WWII. Since these dishes are marked "Made in America," they date from that era. I was elated to find 25 pieces of Rosalinde at a local antique mall for only $35. I had friendly chat with the dealer and negotiated the price down to $25. She's a lovely person ... should I go back and offer her more money? I do (almost) feel guilty!

You can read about the history of Haviland china HERE.

The stemware is from companies such as Lenox, Royal Doulton, Oneida, and Mikasa. I think the mis-matched look adds interest to the table. Buying them during clearance sales certainly makes fine glasses affordable!

The flatware is "Eternally Yours" (1941-1973) by 1847 Rogers Brothers. A 1943 ad for this silver pattern featured Hollywood actress, Loretta Young. Her quote from the ad was "A girl can dream, can't she?" It was a natural tie-in since she'd appeared in a 1939 film of the same name. Eternally Yours starred Loretta Young, David Niven and Broderick Crawford with a large supporting cast including Hugh Herbert, Billie Burke, C. Aubrey Smith, Virginia Field, Raymond Walburn, Zasu Pitts and Eve Arden.

To further the pink and yellow (and green) theme, I used three napkins at each place setting. I tucked them into vintage International silverplated napkin rings. I found two boxed sets of four at a recent estate sale. They were still in their original plastic wrappers. If this were for an actual dinner party, I'd only use one napkin per "customer," but since this is fantasy, I thought it might as well look festive!

The pastel sherbet dishes are by Interglass, a family-owned glass manufacturing company in Cerrety Guidi, Italy. It's located in the provence of Florence, in the Tuscany region. Their website is HERE.

These were hand blown, engraved, and then decorated by skilled artisans with 24K gold. This page of the Interglass site describes the process, HERE. The plain glass underplates were 8 for $3 at an estate sale. They're perfect for cocktail parties. Certainly, plastic plates are convenient and can be attractive, but I like the fact that we're being kind to the environment when we buy pre-owned and non-throwaway.

The sherbet dishes were definitely affordable. Free actually! I was admiring them at an estate sale in December. The lady in charge of the sale asked if I liked them. When I replied that I did, she said "Merry Christmas." They weren't actually from the estate. She sometimes brings in extra things to sell, and these were hers. They still had the original Interglass stickers attached.

The salad plates are also Haviland ... Charles Field Haviland, a nephew of the founder of the original Haviland china company. The backstamp reads CFH GDM. GDM stands for Gerard, Dufraisseix, Morel. They date from the 1880's. I think they look fresh and contemporary. They're not in perfect condition, and they weren't the bargain the Rosalinde was ... but I love them. Can you love china? We'll have to ask Shelia of Note Songs about that!

Normally, I wouldn't mix salad plates with a white background with cream colored dishes. But ... having said that ... sometimes, if you know the rules, you can break them! This is art, not science, and sometimes it's fun to ignore the accepted guidelines.

An overview of the table ...

And another ...

From above ...

Backlit as evening approaches ...

Time, of course, to light the candles. The serving piece is a celery dish, purchased at an area antique shop. Not exactly a bargain purchase, but isn't the shape appealing? The creamer and sugar bowl (on the opposite end of the table) were also a separate purchase (on eBay). I was fortunate to be the high bidder at only $15.

Late afternoon with all the candles burning ...

Yes, I WILL remove the stickers when I finally get around to deciding what to serve guests in the Italian dishes. What do you suggest? Gelato, Italian ice, spumoni? Something less obvious?

The boxed set of four votive holders was a Goodwill purchase. They felt so good in the hand (curved sides and weighted bottom), I thought I'd use them as on-the-rocks glasses. One trip through the dishwasher resulted in a chipped rim, so they're candleholders again ...

Another look down the table ...

I love daffodil season!

Ready to blow out the candles?

Goodnight. I hope to see you next week. I think it will be informal ...

With something vintage ... perhaps borrowed ... and blue ....

Thank you to Susan of Between Naps On The Porch for hosting Tablescape Thursday. Be sure to visit Susan and all her talented participants. You'll be very glad you did!


  1. Your table as always is stunning! Elegant and I love the daffodils and your branches. Beautiful beautiful table! But you are THE MASTER at tables!

  2. Hi Bill, back to my kind of table. Love the flower arrangements. I will have to look out for some similar Italian glassware when I am in Italy in the Summer.The table is a gorgeous piece of furniture, so I can see why you don't use a tablecloth. What is a "rock glass"?

    Jackie in UK

  3. I am swooning over those gorgeous sherbet dishes! I kept looking for them in each photo! I love the way they "reflect" the tiny pink posies you have below the daffodils. Such a charming setting!

  4. What a lovely table. The daffodils are blooming here also, and I saw my first bluebonnets this past weekend - yippee, spring has arrived! Those sherbet dishes are simply gorgeous, what a lovely gift! I was out of town for a short time, and I can't believe how many posts I've missed. I'll have to scroll down and savor each one. Kathy

  5. My favorite to date. Maybe because of pulling flower arrangements throughout the room? The blossoms really complement the beauty of the dishes. Soo jealous on those sherbets!

  6. Bill, you are my Tablescape Idol! I love the quality of your photographs and how they bring the magnificent tablesetting to life. Your table today is just wonderful. Love everything you combined, especially the sherbet glasses, flatware and those two crystal stems! The floral arrangement is perfect too.

  7. Great table again today Bill.. I too vote for you as the Master of tables.

  8. Bill, as usual this is just stunning. I love the pink and the yellow. Both of the china patterns are just gorgeous and the crystal is exquisite. You always do the most beautiful tables and the flowers are just the icing on the cake.
    Your box arrived today and I am so totally thrilled. I'm sure you heard me squeal. What treasures. I can't thank you enough for your kindness. Thank you so much. Hugs, Marty

  9. Bill, Your table, your flowers, your blog, PERFECTION.
    Thanks for sharing,

  10. Oh how beautiful -- I played with daffodils this week on my table as well. While yours is quite elegant -- mine is much more informal -- love their cheerfulness for either style. What beautiful china and those wonderful stems -- so lovely!

  11. BEAUTIFUL!! You definitely need to consider writing/publishing a book on table settings! Love the smell of Honeysuckle, but have never heard of Winter Honeysuckle. I was out and about quiet a bit today and saw a lot of Forsythia and Daffodils in bloom, but not in places I could easily access to photograph. :(
    Hope you are having a great week.

  12. Beautiful table, once again! I love all the soft, spring colors. Those sherbert dishes are gorgeous! And you got those for free??? SWEET!!!

  13. I am so admiring your sherbert glasses. You are so fortunate when it comes to getting things for FREE!!! Lovely and elegant tablescape. Thanks for sharing.


  14. What a gorgeous dining room you have Bill! I just adore the china, (what a deal!) and the pink sherbert glasses are so delicate and amazing! Oh, and the flatware is stunning! And one of my favorite things are the fresh daffodils! How can you go wrong with such beauty supplied by Mother Nature!

  15. Your table is gorgeous! I am now *craving* Spring!

  16. Dear Bill, such a beautiful table. Those teaset are so pretty...if it will ease your guilt any, I will take them off your hands, lol. Only joking :o) not really.


  17. Oh my Bill, this must have taken quite a while to prepare, especially with all the beautiful spring flower arranging as well, another fantastic looking table.

    Again, your night shots are stunning and the last shot above with the light coming in through the long window, well, it almost looks like a painting.

    And I love the shot of the daffodils in the white vase with the light shining on the lovely little ruffled edges of the flowers.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday,
    xx Coty

  18. The flowers bring the whole Tablescape alive. Simply beautiful.
    Thank you!

  19. Hi Bill,
    Your table is lovely, as always. I LOVE the daffodils!!! This is one of my favorite flowers. The only way I get to enjoy them is to buy them. Alas, they do not grow on the FL west coast.

    One of my favorite trips was to Harrisonburg, VA in early spring. All the green space between the lanes on the interstate were planted with daffodils and forsythia (another favorite). It looked like God had opened the heavens and poured out sunshine. Amazing!!!
    Thanks for sharing your daffodils...
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  20. The flowers are gorgeous and I love that flatware! It is always so inspiring (and fun) to see what you will show us next.

  21. My goodness, you do not ever fail to blow me away with your creativity! Fabulous. I cannot believe you have anything blooming. We are still with brown everywhere. LOVE the layering of the napkins. Sherbet dishes are fabulous. Flowers are so fresh and springy. And your photography is always breathtaking. I particularly love how you use vintage. Incredible!!

  22. Oh my goodness, this table is exquisite! I love the colors and it matches so well with your rug. I adore the sherberts, and I do have a suggestion! Last weekend we had a dinner aprty and for dessert we had one scoop of vanilla ice cream, one scoop of lemon sherbert and pour a little Lemoncello over it all!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!! AND it would go with your yellow theme:):) You have SUCH beautiful pieces, I am always drooling looking at your tables. And, yes, I do believe we can love dishes!!!! XO, Pinky

  23. Bill,
    It's a treat for me to see what you have displayed on your table.
    Tis great every time.
    Very inspiring.
    Is there any chance that you will showcase the rest of your home?!?!
    Hint hint.
    Have a great day and hope you'll bless us with an interior view of your lovely home.
    Deanna on the Prairie

  24. Hi Bill, I saw what you did for Marty - how absolutely thoughtful. People like you are why I enjoy blogging so much. I'm a follower now and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful tablescapes.

  25. Hi Bill,
    I really enjoy looking at your creations. This is a Beautiful tablescape. I always look forward to visiting your blog, not only do I get inspired but I'm flooded with ideas when I visit. Thanks so much for the link to the Italian company, I love those sherbert dishes. What a nice lady to gift them to you. Also, thank you for sharing the glass frog story with us. It took me back to when I was a kid living with my beloved grandmother. The scent that takes me back to her is vanilla. You are awesome!

  26. You have blown me away again. What a beautiful table. I do believe you could take plastic and paper and still come up with a gorgeous tablescape.

  27. Ok so, I found you today...wow is all I can say...keep taking those beautiful photos...I think I speak for all of us...as I wipe my drool.

  28. Not only is your table absolutely incredible, your photographs are breath taking and I really like the way you tell the story. Mixing different patterns is the most fun isn't it?

  29. The daffodils really put on a show! After my violets, they're my favorite spring flower because they don't mind the snow we often get when they are budding and sometimes in bloom.

    After my husband died, I found that I had a fancy key holder made from a handle of "Eternally Yours". It's become a keepsake that I now use everyday. So I actually knew your silver pattern! Thanks for sharing. ♥♪

  30. It's a gorgeous table, so elegant, beautiful pinks.

  31. Beautiful table! Lovely!! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Bill, your table is just so pretty! My eyes went right to the sherbet glasses...they are stunning. I love your approach to setting a table and I love your non-matching stemware. Joni

  33. Bill,
    What a difference a frog makes! You've inspired me to dig mine out of hiding. For your FREE (unbelievable) Italian dishes, how about mini lemon raspberry trifles? The colors of the dessert would pair well with the colors of the glass. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Bill, When I come to visit I know that I am always in for a treat. But tonight, your table is so full of subtle unexpected joys! Your sherbert glasses made me gasp (in the best way). I adore the mix of china and glassware. Beautifully done. Soft yet very rich! What a rare ballance. And mixing your daffodils with other beautiful stems and greens make it a very memorable arrangement!
    The delicate Haviland tea cup and sauces want to leap into my hand. I can just imagine it!
    Again, so beautiful, artful and a creative study in elegance.

  35. Bill, The table is exquisite! You've done a great job. The china is lovely and I really love the sherbets - you got a great deal on them! It pays to shop estate sales! I am learning from you and others about such things...Love the flowers too. Here in Iowa we are just holding our breath for spring to arrive - the flowers are pushing up but nowhere near blooming. Enjoyed your breath of spring, Bill.

  36. Oh, my! I have to keep track of what I want to comment about!!!!! I love daffodils. I grew up in Western Kentucky and my g-ma had a hill or two naturalized with hundreds of daffodils. Sigh.. I miss not seeing it every year. I grew up on a farm with all those wonderful memories and awesome flowers, my other personal favorite was a Mock Orange-have you ever smelled one? Triple sigh....
    Oh, back to the table... the sherbet blew me away and then you said she gave them to you? (No comment...and I am shaking my head here.) What luck.:)
    The Haviland so pretty. Mismatched is wonderful when you do it so well you have to really look at the table to see what is mismatched, like you did.
    Come by to win Rachael Ray bake ware.

  37. Hi Bill. Oh my goodness, you are very talented! Seriously, you are very gifted to be able to display everything like you do. I love the combination of all the colors. Stunning! Thank you for sharing with us.:)

  38. Love love all your collection of dishes. I look forward to your posts every week.

  39. As I've realized...always a breathtaking tablescape can be found at Bill's. The sherbets are just lovely...my eyes were fixed on them from the first pic shown. I love your story about your Mother putting fresh flowers on the table whenever possible. I have always said if I were every really wealthy one of the luxuries I'd afford myself would be fresh flower arrangements throughout my home. I try to use them as often as possible too.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely table and story.

  40. Bill, your floral arrangement is so beautiful, pure happiness. I love your dining room all the furniture is so elegant and lovely. The night shots are magical. The pink sherbet bowls diving, I would love them....if they are ever for sale please oh please email me :) You are so talented.

  41. It's always fun and instructive to see what you do. I live in an estate-sale-less part of the country, unfortunately (SE Arizona). Thanks for your great generosity in giving so many beautiful photographs. I always look forward to your blog. And am spreading the word.

    Bill in Bisbee, AZ

  42. Hi Bill, Love all the Pink on your Table...So Pretty

  43. Shear Royalty Bill...
    The Italian Pink.Yikes!!!!
    Love it!

    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  44. I love how your mind thinks and how you put everything together. I love coming to your blog because I know I will always leave with a smile on my face. Todays tablescape did the trick, again!


  45. Love it all!! You get some really good deals on some gorgeous stuff! I am especially fond of the silver and the salt and pepper shakers! Have a good ST.P day and weekend! ~Nana~

  46. Bill, your tablescape is beautiful, warm and inviting..Love the beautiful flowers, I would love to be able to grow those stunning yellow beauties. I love the dishes mixed together, looks so rich and special, thanks for sharing that look.....come visit the rabbits..hee hee...Phyllis

  47. Once again, a lovely and delightful table. The sherbet glasses are gorgeous. I love daffodils, too, and am so ready to have my few come up soon. Til then, I think I will run to the grocery early tomorrow morning and see if I can pick up a bunch. thanks for sharing another beautiful tablescape, Bill.
    :-) Sue

  48. What a lovely table! ... and your photography is wonderful. Just love your "good night" setting. I too plan to improve my technique when photographing my future tablescapes. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Gorgeous as always! You have the most beautiful pieces and put them together in such eye-catching ways! Love all the daffodils! Yeah Spring!


  50. this just takes my breath away! You truely love this!I'd love to go hunting for dishes for a day with you!
    The Lenten rose was a nice addition-love those pinky sherbet dishes!

  51. Bill, Again and again and again, you set such elegant, sophisticated tables. The flowers are beautiful, I think I have about 4-5 in my yard.


  52. Beautiful table {as always} Bill! I'm so envious of the daffodils! I got nuthin' over here!!! :) Ok, I can see little green heads peeking out of the soil, but that's about it!! I love the {free} pink sherbert cups! Great job!

  53. I cannot believe you got those sherbet glasses for $3. They are gorgeous! You made me smile, Bill, when you said you want to keep your table simple. LOL! I don't think there is anything simple about your your tables. They are always so elegant and this is no exception. The doffodils and the other flowers are beautiful and the china is so pretty. I like Haviland because of their gracious edges and I like your flatware too. Actually, there is nothing I do not like about the table...Christine

  54. Gorgeous table! Your posts are always among my favorites. My daughter just inherited my mother-in-law's huge set of Rosalinde, and while she loves it because it was her grandmother's, it's not her style right now. Any ideas for ways to mix it with something else for a more modern style for her dinner parties?

  55. You do have a masters touch. Everything you do is simply stunning. I too have a tender spot in my heart for the glorious sping flowers due to my grandmothers love of gardening. I love having my hands in CHOCOLATE but perhaps I love having my hands in the earth more. Nothing compares with God's creations.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  56. Your gift for mixing is just amazing! Your talent for the candlelight photography is enviable.


  57. Bill, as always you don't disappoint. Your tables are always so beautiful and your ideas, while classic, are fresh and stunning. I love the way you use vintage china, crystal and flatware and tie everything together with your beautiful floral arrangements. Thanks for the wonderful narratives that go along with your beautiful photography. It's such a joy to visit your blog.

  58. Absoultely stunning, Bill! Your tablescapes are always such a treat for me to see. Your flowers are beautiful. I love those vintage glass frogs and have several (and find occasions to use them often).


  59. Lovely setting for spring...you've orchestrated fine and varied elements into a an elegant tablescape.

  60. I adore all your sherbet sets. How I wish I could sit with you enjoying the wonderful ambiance I dream of.

    Have a great day & enjoy your w/end to the fullest.


  61. Hi Bill, just gorgeous. Such a refined and elegant table. I can see that you paid great attention to every detail....it definitely shows!


  62. Wonderful Bill, Your diningroon just glows. The pink sherbet cups are beautiful. I always love stopping by for a visit.

    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  63. Bill, one day I will make the long drive down to where you live just so that I can invite myself for a wonderful dinner at your lovely home. Gorgeous! And I have that same Lenox vase which I fill each year with daffodils!

    Kat :)

  64. I have a few hellebores blooming in my yard right now. They are such a treat this time of year.
    The pastel dishes are my favorite part of this table and of course they come from Italy where I long to go.
    I would serve up a foamy zabaglione in them with a deep dark espresso on the side.

  65. Bill as I have said before you never disapoint, always lovely, always elegant. Just beautiful,Kathysue

  66. OMG Bill the only thing missing is me ha ha!! this is just another awesome Bill signture table love it...How do you find the time to do all these beautiful tables is beyond me...Thanks so much for all the awesome eye candy again today...Love the Daffs mine are also blooming on my mountain top...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  67. You always just blow me right out of the water with your beauty. You have a talent for this that is a pleasure for all your fans!!
    Thanks once again for going to wonderful lengths to provide us with such a beautiful table to dream about.
    I hope your weekend is blessed and.......fun!!
    xo bj

  68. Bill,
    I seriously don't know where to start...but I think that 70 women ar swooning over this table says a lot!!!

    The pink sherbert dishes are so beautiful...think I would love to have them! And what a find/price.

    All the detail and information you provided was simply wonderful!

  69. Bill, your presentation is nothing short of enchanting, and your photography is masterful.

  70. I am sorry to be late to dinner! :)..I was very tired from the blog crawl, and I had way too much soda bread and Irish coffee!
    The daffs are so pretty, such a harbinger of Spring.
    I love the table, and did you flirt with that lady to get such pretty pink sherbet dishes for free? :)
    I would serve some beautiful strawberries in them, with some cream..clean and simple..or some homemade strawberry ice cream!
    I must go visit the other TTH entries or I will feel very guilty!
    Have a good week, Bill!

  71. For once, Bill, I am at a loss for words, honest. I've come back here 3 times to gaze at all this splendor & I'm speechless.

    However, let me try to share my perceptions.
    The sherbet dishes...pure pink perfection.
    The daffodils & honeysuckle arrangement...delightful.
    The china especially the celery dish...resplendent.
    The silverware...superb.
    The PHOTOS...luminous, sublime, radiant, glorious!!!

    Guess I wasn't totally speechless after all. ;-)

  72. Oh so elegant and enchanting! Your evening photographs are breathtaking! Love it all!

  73. Absolutely stunning! There's nothing I don't love! I have some Italian dishes very similar to your sherbet bowls that I use frequently- now I have to go check the name :) Love it, love it!
    xoxo Pattie and Allie

  74. I am new here and love your choices. I enjoy readin the history of the tablespace. You have a wonderful gift of art, photography and writing.

  75. Hello, Bill. I just found your blog thru Marty's, and am sooo glad I did. This post alone is simply stunning. You set quite a lovely table. I so love so many of the items you do, so I'm sure I will return again and again. The Eternally Yours flatware really caught my eye. This pattern is my parent's wedding silver and I recently found a sugar spoon in this pattern at a little antique shop in our town, too. Just beautiful.

    Angelic Accents

  76. Another beautiful table Bill. I want to go shopping with you. I cannot believe those gorgeous sherbets were free! I thought you were using them for the shrimp coctail And the Haviland pieces for $25!! When you were talking about feeling guilty about them, it immediately brought to mind my set of Eternally Yours flatware, which I bought at a flea market sponsored by a retirement village. I was lookig at them and thinking that I don't need any flatware, but they were such a good price, I was still tempted. The elderly lady said, if you like that, I'll reduce the price to $35 for the set of 8 place settings plus some serving pieces! That closed the deal for me, but I've always felt like I took advantage of her, even though I didn't ask for a lower price! Your floral arrangements are all so pretty. Thank you for always providing such incredible inspiration. laurie

  77. I think I found a home. wonderful post. First time here, hope to come again... yvonne

  78. Another stunning table brother!! Just beautiful!!