Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daffodils in the Hall!

"Daffodils" (1804)
William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

I wander'd lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze ....

So far, there's not a host of golden daffodils. There were only four; I happily picked them to include in this week's Tablescape Thursday post. One of the four was not yet open, but I thought it provided much-needed spring color anyway.

This table for two is set in the entry hall.

I draped and wrapped the octagonal table and side chairs (from the dining room) with yards and yards of sheer, striped fabric. Definitely affordable. It was being removed from a display in a local store when I asked about it, assuming it might be available at a discounted price. "We were going to throw it away. If you want it, you can have it," I was told. And now I've found a use for it!

I used estate sale silverplated trays as chargers.

The silverplated flatware is "Beloved," a 1940 pattern by Rogers/International Silver Company.

I tied a half-bow in the fabric. My goal was to keep the look soft and not too studied.

I've been looking forward to the first daffodils of the season (they're running late this year!). The crocus appeared first, but only by a week or so. The vases can also serve as place card holders. I used them for my Holiday Dinner post back in December. If you missed it, you can see it HERE. They were an estate sale bargain. Fifty cents each on the last day of the sale.

I used three vintage Fostoria patterns this week. The stemmed water/wine glasses are "Lido," (1937-1954). It looks celebratory, doesn't it? Kat of Depression and Elegant Glassware to Share described it HERE as a "milkweed puff or fireworks." I was fortunate to find these (very dusty and in need of a home) in a corner of an antiques/jewelry shop in a small West Tennessee town for only a couple of dollars each.

I included the lemon slices purely for the color. I enjoy a squeeze of lemon in both iced and hot tea. How do you take your tea? With milk as the English often do? I like that as well. They're in an Imperial "Cape Cod" handled dish.

The napkins were a day 2 estate sale bargain. They launder beautifully (no ironing!).

The view from the table ...

It was nice to see the sun shining brightly after so many cloudy days.

If you look closely, you'll see that the chairs are "wearing" my white shirts ... backwards, sleeves tucked in, with fabric tied and held in place by the collars.

Something about the setting ... perhaps the wrought iron on the porch railings gave me an "Old South" feeling ...

Have you seen this book? It provides a nice overview of the Southern states.

The sherbet glasses are Fostoria's "Silver Flutes," 1949-76. They were on sale for 8 for $10 at a local antique mall. I find the stems (flattened with beaded edges) unusual and very attractive.

A closer view ...

The dishes were made by the H&C/Heinrich Company of Selb, Bavaria. They're circa 1930s. Since it was an incomplete set, they were on a table in the garage of an estate sale. It was the last day of the sale, so I was able to buy four place settings and two platters for well under $10.

I cut back the liriope (fancy name for monkey grass) along the front walk. I put the wine in the refrigerator while I was outside ... and unintentionally "frosted" the glasses. I also added a few fresh crocus blooms. The others were "day old" and fading rapidly.

Same subject, slightly different view ...

Another, a more backlit view this time ...

View from the staircase ...

Lights on now, since the sun's getting ready to set ...

Time to light the candles ...

The candleholder's from an estate sale, purchased for half price (around $15) on the second day. It's a nice heavy weight and the plating's in very good condition. I left it unpolished today to give it that "old family silver" look.

Closer view ...

I like the way the blue of the skies reflects on the bricks of the entry hall floor. They're recycled from old buildings (as are the ones on the exterior and used for the front walk).

The interior rooms are beginning to get dark now ...

Twilight ...

The creamer and sugar bowl (in the background) are Fostoria's "Colony." They match the water glasses and candleholders I used for last week's table.

The candles reflected in the glass of windows copied from an old home in Natchez, Mississippi ...

The patterns of light on the dinner plate come from the optic design of the bowl of the sherbet glass.

Almost time for dinner ...

Viewed from above ...

OK ... time to set the table in the kitchen and put the fantasy table to bed. I hope you enjoyed this one. I had fun creating it!

Lady Katherine of Lady Katherine Tea Party graciously invited me to participate in her 1st Tea Time Tuesday (since I have tea cups on the table and talked about tea ... sorry no teapot this week!). If you haven't already done so, I hope you'll go by and visit Lady K and her guests.
Be sure to visit Susan of Between Naps on the Porch for this week's Tablescape Thursday. It's always an exciting day filled with creativity and imagination!

I'm also linking this week to Thrifty Thursday with Leigh of Tales From Bloggaritaville. Check out her popular meme HERE.

Thank you, Susan and Leigh for being such gracious hostesses!


  1. If this isn't beautiful, then what is? You can't get a deal better than 'free'! The fabric is wonderful and the tablescape is lovely. You have such a great view at that window. I love the floors also! Love everything about this!

  2. Holy cow, Bill.....beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous,fantastic.....those words cannot come close to describing your wonderful table top.
    Do you think you could pop in and make my home look as fabulous as yours?....LOL
    Thanks for another dreamy peek into your beautiful home.

  3. Bill,

    You find the best stuff! I am going to seriously start looking for Fostoria. I think it would be beautiful with the Sascha. Or may goblets with gold rims. I will know them when I see them.

    Beautiful setting.


  4. Hi Bill
    Love the view, sherbet glasses, the daffodils, candlesticks, silver charges, cutlery (flatware), china, but sorry the wrap around the table and chairs is a bit OTT for me!!! Boring English lady.

  5. Everything is always so beautiful and so unique. The yards of sheer fabric is beautiful flowing on the table and chairs. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fabric. What gorgeous drapes they would make. Your tablescape and all of your beautiful china, crystal and silver are just stunning as usual. So beautiful and so dramatic. Thanks for inspiring us each week. This is truly amazing. Hugs, Marty

  6. Bill, everything is gorgeous, as usual. Every time you post you outdo yourself!

    Great deal on the material. It is beautiful and looks fab as you have swirled it on your tables and chairs. You really do inspire me. Now, if only I didn't have to work late - I'd be home going through my things to see what I could come up with for a nice table.

    Thank you!!!


  7. Bill,
    You certainly know how to beautify a table with lovely dishes, stemware, flatware, centerpiece, the works plus the candles.
    So lovely and inviting.
    always a pleasure to see what you have prepared to share with us in blogsville.

    Best wishes,

  8. Oh, How simply Elegant! I love the silver chargers! Adore the flowers! The dishes, sherbet glasses all so lovely! Wow, you really made a wonderful statement with the fabric you got for free! Lucky you. I see some Hot Tea cups there, come link to Tea Time Tuesday! Thank for the lovely comment!

  9. PS I heard of this book, not sure if I seen it though. Love the look in the evening!

  10. Hi Bill,
    OMG, what a great post! I had so much fun reading this one! I loved how you used your free fabric, and using silver trays as chargers is a fabulous idea! Actually, I love everything about this fantasy table!! I also love how you look for the great deal! It always makes the hunt more fun, I think. What I really, OMG, really love are the flowers and the brick floor and the view out your windows! You've got me sold, I'm moving to Tennessee! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Cindy

  11. What a great post. Love the free fabric. Here in middle Ga I have been picking daffodils for about a week. I am even force blooming some quince this week. Ahhh, spring is in the air.

  12. Hold dinner - I am on my way!! Just joking. :-) But who would not love to have a meal sitting there, or even just wine and cheese. I have not seen many daffodils in bloom here just yet. Wished the early Spring flowers would last longer. I have been looking at the estate sales in the area lately, but know I need to keep cleaning out - not adding.
    Hope you are having a great week.

  13. Gorgeous from all angles and all lights! I love your "celebratory" stemware. It is elegant and fun!!! My daffodils have just started here also - very late and very welcomed after this COLD winter! Thanks for all the inspirations!

  14. Another beautiful setting to share! In January and February we can often buy daffodils in the grocery store that are just buds. They open to full glory and give me hope that mine will soon be peaking out from the ground.

    I've had milk with tea in Wales and England only because the tea was so hot we couldn't drink it! It must have something to do with sea level and boiling water, if I recall my science information! Thanks for sharing! ♥♪

  15. Table setting is very pretty but that brick entryway floor is gorgeous!

  16. So pretty! I planted some daffodil bulbs last fall -- I keep searching for them to come up -- so far nothing....I so hope they appear soon. Your table looks fabulous! (although it always does -- I'll bet you even eat hot dogs on fine china!)

  17. Very beautiful table, as always! Great find with the sheer fabric; and for free! I love the way you draped the chairs and table with it; it adds such a romantic touch.
    I like to drink my tea English-style; with a little milk and a lump of sugar!

  18. Hi Bill. Everything is just gorgeous! And what a lovely view outside, as well. I also loved the brick floor. I hope it's okay I took my eyes away from the beautiful table setting for just a moment or two! ;)

  19. I'm really stuck on the gorgeous color of the wine reflecting in those wine glasses...something about the combination of the color and the stemware pattern really appeals to me. This is another beautiful table. We so seldom have estate sales around here...you get such great buys on beautiful things.


  20. Very beautifully presented. Like looking through a fine magazine. I love the play of evening candles against your wine glasses. They look wonderful with the wine and the candlelight, as well as the reflection in the window. Creative use of the fabric! Great estate finds!! I love going to estate sales....the excitement of finding that something unique and special... what a rush!! Take care!

  21. Bill the wrap around fabric is the best part. Something different and unexpected...and free.
    Your setting is always so pretty and elegant but the whimsy of the fabric set this table apart.

  22. Oh, I enjoyed all of this so very much! Very relaxing to sit here and see the various photographs with different lighting, unusual shots such as the reflections, shadows, the outside view, and such incredible details!

    I haven't seen the book, looks interesting!

    I take lemon in both iced and hot tea, and lots of sugar!


  23. Thank You for linking your lovely setting to Tea Time Tuesday. I took another look and the candelabra is so lovely in the reflection of the window. Love those brick floors. I found some old brick, trying to get over there and get them for they are free!

  24. Stunning!
    Your table setting is not only beautiful, but inviting. That's the key to entertaining.

    I love the Milkweed goblets. I have one Fostoria goblet with the same stem as yours, but the bowl is plain. It was my grandmother's...the only one left. I fell in love with the faceted stem when I was a little girl...and hoped to have this pattern when I married. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any more. Today, I rarely entertain with this elegance, so I stopped looking. Instead, I have Grandmother's collection of Candlewick. It's both casual and elegant...Works for me!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  25. You never fail to amaze me! What a creative thing to do with the fabric. Your entry is just fabulous too. The Fostoria I am crazy for along with the china pattern. It is just perfect, what more can on say? Gorgeous!!

  26. Bill, this is so pretty! I'm thrilled and delighted you invited me to dine with you. That's my chair, you know. ;-)

    When I was little, there were spots on our land where daffodils (or jonquils) grew in profusion. It was always said that there had been a house where you saw the flowers. It was as if the flowers were the keepers of the flame for the memory of those gone on before. They are a lovely flower and speak so eloquently of spring, too. And that is a favorite poem. Wordsworth has been a favorite since my college days.

    While all of the pictures are gorgeous, I think my favorite is the one of your lemons. It makes me realize the reason that the great artists loved to paint food. Beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing. I love everything in this tablescape from the creative use of fabric to the creative use of the silver trays as chargers... I've thought of doing that, too. The Fostoria, the silver, the crystal... all lovely.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  27. It just boggles my mind that you continue to outdo yourself every single week! You are truly the master at this! I also love the tutorial you always provide about the dishes and/or glasses etc.The flowers are beautiful but the FREE fabric and the way you used it is perfect!!!! Thank you AGAIN, for sharing this beauty!!! XO, Pinky

  28. PS, forgot to mention that I LOOOVE the brick in the foyer!!!

  29. OMG...!! I am just agape. Your tablescapes are the most beautiful I've ever seen and each week is just more gorgeous than the week before. You must be a stylist to pull off these wonderful settings each week. The fabric is the icing on the cake so to speak, I love it. I wish I still lived in the Knoxville area I would pop over for dinner. jk.. Thanks so much for the eye candy. By the way, I'll have milk in my tea, please.

  30. Oh My! Bill, I was lost in time for a few moments! Old South? YES!! You never disappoint.
    The Twilight shot has my heart! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hi Bill, everything is gorgeous, as usual...You never disappoint...Your tablescapes are always so beautiful... I love the way you draped the chairs and table with that beautiful fabric...

  32. *sigh* The beautiful table with its view through the arched window is just magnificent, Bill. I'm in awe of the casual way you gathered that fabulous fabric. I would have been ironing & starching & fussing for hours. You make it look so easy!

    Lovely collection of china & stemware but I think I like the candelabra the best!

    The photos of the reflections in the windows are just soooo pretty. Beautifully done, as always.

  33. Every single picture is stunning and beautiful! I love the lemons, the sherbet glasses and the iron.

  34. Love it!The silver trays look great as chargers!

  35. love all your pieces and those 8 for $10..wow. I'd love to sneak around with you to the 2nd day...last day sales with $50 in my pocket. :)
    I love the brick floor and the architecture of that window and love the table you set it all on. I have to show you my table soon. Bill, you'd love my in-laws plantation home.

  36. Just exquisite. I love this tablescape so much. Your home is beautiful too.

  37. What a lovely and romantic tablescape! I love the way you used your shirts and the soft, billowy fabric, it truly makes a statement! Another beautiful table, thanks so much for sharing!

    Kat :)

  38. I loved all your beautiful pictures and your running commentary. I loved your shirts on the chairs and the candelabra. What bargains you find! Joni

  39. How elegant...like the trays used as chargers.

  40. Bill, my man, we must go shopping together. It will have to be there, as here in the North, they don't have Estate sales, just "buy my old junk so I don't have to take it to the dump sales"..:)
    It looks lovely with sun streaming in,,I love those stems too, so different.
    Lovely job!

  41. It all takes my breath away...I love the beautiful look of the evening...

  42. FABULOUS! Would love to have dinner by candlelight at the beautifully set table and gaze out on to the gorgeous view! As always, your pictures/posts make me feel like I'm enjoying a magazine that has everything I love to read and savour!


  43. How lovely! I really like the draping of the chairs and table and then all the beautiful pieces you chose for the table...

  44. WOW!!!!! I am still visualizing this most romantic, elegant and drop dead gorgeous tablescape. Everything is absolutely perfect for this special table for two. I just love how you draped the sheer fabric over your white shirts. The effortless way you tied those bows leaves me speechless. You captured some beautiful shots with your camera. I LOVE EVERYTHING.....including your brick floor!!!!! Your home is sooooooo elegant.

    Hugs, Katherine S.

  45. I have been looking forward to this tablescape ever since you previewed it last Tuesday. Your artistry is like opium. I could write a novella aobut this tablescape. It evokes Natchez and the homes along River Road to a T. I love how you found these precious objects for a song--I was programmed from birth to head straight to the 50% off rack of any store, and my (first--and no, I ain't blusing) wedding gown was a discounted Priscilla of Boston. Your china with its delicate floral spray and heartbreakingly beautiful crystal are things of sheer and utter beauty. Your idea of using silver trays as chargers should be submitted to Southern Living. They would be blessed to have you as a stylist and staff writer. The photograph of the "blue time," those precious, fleeting moments before dusk takes hold, grabbed me and wouldn't let go. When "blue time" arrives, I stop what I'm doing and enjoy the moment--but I haven't seen one in a while, so I was doubly pleased to see one here.

  46. I meant to say before dusk "TOOK" hold. I am a copywriter's nightmare.

  47. Bill, I don't know what it is about your tablescapes but they just draw me in . The lighing through the windows the way you capture the candlelight, Always wonderfully spectacular, Kathysue

  48. Bill,

    That was so beautiful. I loved that you told us the history of the pieces, and showed us the table throughout the day. I love how the light from the glasses refracted the light, and shadowed the cuts in the glass...radiant!

    BIG FAN!

    I take my tea in the aftenoon with honey. Tea in the evening with cream and 1 sugar. In the eveing chamomille is just plain...to fall asleep.

  49. Table setting is lovely. I think that window in your foyer is just gorgeous, and I love your brick floor. I wish our crocus and daffodils were ready, but they are barely breaking ground! Enjoy your day

  50. How did I miss the Wordsworth poem before? Beautiful, as is the table!

  51. Hi Bill...

    Well my friend, I just had to come back to see the entire tablescape after your "tease" yesterday! Hehe! Ohhh my goodness, it's absolutely gorgeous! Superb in every way!!! I do believe that you are the "Master" of finding all sweet treasures at these estate sales! I have yet to ever go to such a sale but will have to do so. I live in a very rural area and there just aren't very many around.

    Wow...I love, love, LOVE that striped fabric...it's beautiful! You really were in the right place at the right time on that one, my friend! I just adore how you draped your table and chairs with this pretty fabric...the bow is genius! Your place settings...fabulous!!! I always enjoy looking at all of your beautiful estate treasure finds! I can't believe that you found this beautiful set of china for under $10! Beautifully set table, Bill! Your photos are scrumptious...just really make me want to be there! Certainly magazine worthy!!! Thank you for sharing this fabulous table with us! Ohhh yes, and you certainly couldn't have had a prettier background...love the view from your window!!!

    I also wanted to thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my Birds of a Feather tablescape and for leaving me such a sweet note! Thank you, my friend!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  52. Your tablescape is exquisite. It carries one away to a serene and elegant place and time. I love the way you set the table and decorated the chairs in a flowing manner. The china, silverware and candelabra are all amazing. Just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing, and if you have a chance please come by and say hello. Cheers, Lia

  53. You are truly amazing, Bill. How you wrapped that sheer fabric around the tables and chairs is so creative, gave them a soft look and I like how you tied the knot. Your arched window and the iron railings outside are so pretty. I just love your house and your tablescape. About the faux plants, I would like to give myself credit for having real looking ones, lol. And yes he is a doctor who is in need of better glasses, LOL!...Christine

  54. Bill~ ~ ~I am amazed but I shouldn't be, you always stun me with your tablescapes! That fabric for free! ! See what I mean about you getting the most outragious deals. I'm very happy for you. Can't wait to see what you do with it next it's fabulous! So romantic a setting with all of that sheer fabric and the crystal, oh my. I adore the Fostoria Lido pattern and I am going to find some soon, and at a great deal I can feel it.

    Your entrance hall is lovely. Brick floors have always been a weakness of mine. As I looked out the front window I'm sure that I spotted the servants cottage across the way, Yes? You must have a staff to cook for all the lovely dinners you serve on your beautiful tablesettings;>)

    Your photography is wonderful. Thanks for sharing and for the visit and well wishes.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  55. Bill, Bill, Bill...please invite me to dinner at that table!!! I.Love.It. Just stunning as the sun begins to go down and the glow of the candles take hold of the table. Thanks for sharing such a remarkable table.

  56. I ADORE the Fostoria Silver Flute sherbet dishes! You're a terrible influence, however, because I'm trying to weed out and surrender my overabundance of "things," and here you are, making me want new ones.

  57. The most stunning eye candy I've seen all day... and the candlelit glow is the icing on the cake!

  58. Bill, This is why I LOVE Tablescape Thursday! This is so perfect! My MIL has the Fostoria crystal in the Navarre pattern that I really love and this makes me want them even more!!! Question....what paint color are your walls...yellow is such a difficult color to work with and this is so calming. Unlike most yellow that you see. Thanks for sharing this.

  59. Beautiful, as always. I just love the brick flooring.

  60. wow Bill what a beautiful table for two, I love what you did with the fabric and I adore having something in the glasses and on the table, so alive and ready to be enjoyed, I love it all, I love your stunningly beautiful home and all the wonderful places to be in...I love all the silver and even though you and I are fans of the shiney silver, this does look like the old family silver, love it....come over and see all the rabbits, your gonna love them...promise...Phyllis

  61. Hi Bill!

    Bill, you have a most unique gift of putting things together and layers to create such incredible, beautiful spaces and tablescapes that is certain to make any guest of yours feel incredibly special.
    The fabric......GORGEOUS! I love that you allowed it to be "restrained" and allowed to "billow" a bit, creating a gauzy effect.
    The dishes, so elegant. Those glasses....are my favorite! I have never seen anything like them, with their "fireworks" impressions on the glass. They certainly create a festive and happy mood.
    And Tea, Bill...I also take mine with lemon. I like it hot or cold. Sweet, with lemon. I also like lemon in my water.
    Bill, this was beautiful! Thank you for allowing us into your home-and to enjoy the view.
    OH! I added as a follower. That I had already, but apparently I am forgetful. Forgive me, friend.
    Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday and sharing this week! I hope you will come back to visit me soon. If you haven't already, be sure to enter the giveaway.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  62. Gosh that is a lovely tablescape, so many pretty little details to admire in your creation. And best of all I admire that you can find so many bargins, hard to imagine people not knowing the value and potential of some of your finds.

  63. An amazing post Bill! Thanks for stopping by!

  64. What a beautiful table made even more so by dusk coming. The evening with the candle light, oh my. The rays of light through the crystal were amazing.
    I just wanted to grab my husband and take a set for dinner! No kids allowed.
    Wish I had you touch for finding beautiful items like these. Thanks for sharing.

  65. Another beautiful table Bill. The china is so pretty, and I'm envious of your bargain! That stemware is gorgeous. I am intrigued by the beautiful floor. Are the bricks inlaid into hardwood? I'm loving that floor. laurie

  66. Well mercy me,

    With all of the lovely tablescapes that I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing as of late at the delightfully exceptional, Susan's 'Tablescape Thursday', blog party/ meme; I must say, that if I were giving out awards for the 'best dressed','tablecsape vignette of the week, your's would win dear sir; 'hands down'!

    When I opened your post from Susan's links today,I exclaimed aloud;.., 'Gasped'!~ 'Oh my"!.., Oooh my!

    The elegance and artistic attention to detail is truly enrapturing and ravishly beautiful in it's quiet elegance!..,

    Those candleabra and that candlelit tablescape with the chairs 'swaddled', really moreso regally and ever so artfully draped, ever so elegantly and with such cache in those fabulous windows!~ Even, (and especially); the subtle nuance of every well thoughtout and well choreograhed detail!~

    This creation of yours is truly riveting and a joy to the soul of any artistic person within the viewing of your masterpiece!

    ..,Why even the silver tray 'chargers' were nothing short of the work of a true creative genious!..,

    Simply superb!..,

    Do also feel most welcome to visit my little vignette when you get a moment.

    Warmest regards from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  67. Hello Bill, my favorite part of the table: the light bathing the crocus and daffodils in the delicate glass bowls, and with those charmingly etched wine goblets.

  68. Bill....THANKS SO MUCH for sharing the paint treatment. I would never have thought that a shimmer paint was used! Absolutely LOVE it!!! I have to say that Susan's Tablescape Thursday's have changed my mind about my dish collection. I thought I have enough. Well....maybe not!

  69. Hi Again, Bill! Thanks so much for visiting me! Yes,you are the Bill who inspired me to collect the ironstone! I really love it- love all the patterns that I have seen so far- my sister texted me a little while ago that she found me 4 more dinner plates and some saucers! Yeah! She is doing better at my collection than I am! I decided that I would limit myself to the ironstone and maybe a few Holiday type dishes- otherwise, it was getting out of hand! My sister and I also decided, like you, it is better to actually use these pieces than let them stay on the shelf.
    Take Care! ~Nana~

  70. Hi Bill,
    Am late coz I had trouble travelling from Stockholm due to snow reason §;-)

    I was here earlier but left ASAP coz I have to pick my 17 yr old daughter soon 18th from her classmate 18th BDay. Scary now, huh?

    I am speechless with your fantacy tablesetting this week. I love this so dearly. You know why? I LOVE frenzy, tassles, girly, dreamy, you name it and you hit me right straight to my heart. Your setting is really me, well minus MOTH (man on the house) indeed!

    Hope you have a wonderful day & great w/end ahead.

    Enjoy & hugs from Sweden...

  71. Bill,

    Thanks for commenting on my first post! I really admire your gorgeous tables and house! I'm looking forward to getting involved in the blogosphere!

    Hope you have a great weekend, too!


  72. what a beautiful tablescape - and a beautiful home! Very inspiring...Thanks for sharing...

  73. Bill, I love that you use different rooms in your home to set your tables. You always have something fun in store for all of us who visit! I'm shocked that someone was simply going to throw that gorgeous textile in the trash. Lucky you that you happened to be there at the right time. And lucky us that we get to see your creative use of it. Love the idea of the silver trays as chargers. I need to look for some to do the same sometime. Oh, so many ideas and so little time. LOL
    Thanks again for setting this stunning table, photographing it for us, and then posting it. I know your tables and the posts you present must be time intensive.

  74. Hi Bill, I have been to this exqusite post several times since you previewed it! Oh, everyting has an etherial quality and I just want to sit down in my lovely yellow ball gown ( well, my fanticy wardrobe has one) and be served something light and beautiful from that china. The little round vases that hold those harbingers of spring make the table glow all the more.
    But what captivated me was the silver platter chargers and the floatty fabric that envelopes your whole table. I could just swoon (remember I am in a yellow ballgown, now I think I also have opera gloves and some fabulous drop earrings- my fantasy- your table).
    One thing I could not help but feel so at home in your house with was the beautiful yellow walls. I live with yellow too! It is like taking prozac! I can't be unhappy with yellow walls!
    Thank you for this fantasy-of-a-table! And indulgeing me, too.

  75. Oh my goodness-you simply amaze me !!

  76. Your table is absolutely amazing! I enjoy and take every single detail. I appreciate how you post your pictures from daylight to sunset.

  77. Very clever using the trays for chargers! Your pictures are amazing and I am so impressed with this tablescape!! Your attention to detail is so captivating!! Thank you for all you do!!!
    Love Lilly

  78. Hello Bill, This is a lovely table for two. The draped fabric looks stunning and it's a surprise twist! Good creativity! I really love your silver chargers, your flatware and oh my, the china!! What a great deal you got on that vintage china! It would be interesting to look it up online and see how it is valued. I also liked how you said that it was time to put the fantasy table to bed and go to the kitchen to eat - so true and such fun! I also want to thank you for stopping by and leaving such nice comments - I am learning from studying what you and others do!

  79. Stunning Tablescape....you never cease to amaze me with what you will create next. You were in the right place at the right time when you received the fabric. The lighting in your photographs is beautiful just like your tablescape. Thanks for sharing. I live in TN too.


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  81. Hi Bill, love your site The chairs and the candelabra are fab! I have big new and an exciting giveaway coming up.( They are drying!) come follow and see what you think!

    Art by Kareba

  82. I don't know what else to say that the others didn't already say, except: "You da man!"


  83. The architectural interest in this house is lovely; the brick flooring in the entryway and the windows throughout are fabulous.

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