Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Cooling Mojito

After checking out mojito recipes online and viewing numerous youtube videos by bartenders claiming THEIR way is the ONLY way, I know how confusing it can get!

Some say to use lime juice (rather than lime wedges), to use confectioner’s sugar, that simple syrup is best, to crush the mint leaves to smithereens (yuck, they come right up the straw and taste bitter). I've tried most of the options, and I think I've found a nice balance -- one likely to please and impress your guests.

I like to use pilsner/ale glasses like the one in the photograph. I hate beer, but I love the shape of these glasses!

Here’s how I make a mojito:

Bill's Mojito

· Cut half a lime into wedges
· Place lime wedges in the bottom of a double rocks or highball glass (or perhaps a pilsner glass)
· Add two teaspoons of granulated sugar (more or less to taste)
· Crush the above-listed ingredients with a wooden muddler (or use the non-business end of a large wooden spoon as I do)
· Add fresh mint leaves. Pinch them off near the stem and add as many as ten small ones – fewer if the leaves are large.
· Crushed ice comes next. If you have an ice maker with a “crush” feature, you’re in luck. If not, wrap ice cubes in a dish towel and pound away with a hammer, rolling pin, etc.
· Now pour in light rum … lots of it!
· Stir with a long-handled bar spoon. Naturally, being a good Southern boy, I always have an iced tea spoon nearby. Iced tea is the "house wine of the South" … for goodness sake!
· Stir gently, to bruise and distribute the mint leaves and to bring all that sugary, sherbet-y, limey taste upward.
· Now top off with club soda to give it a little fizz and sparkle.
· Garnish with the sexy end of the mint sprig. Some people just shove mint into the top of the glass, but I like to anchor it with a lime wedge on the rim. It’s pretty, and it puts the wonderful aromas right under the nose as you enjoy sipping this cooling beverage!
· Add two straws – not that you’re going to share it … it just allows you to cool off faster … and enjoy life more!!!

Now you have my recipe, try it and let me know what you think, OK?


  1. Dang, I wish I'd planted some mint this year. My son is a bartender.... I know I'm so proud of his college education. I can't wait to give him your recipe. I'm sure it will be a hit! They actually have a few mint plants growing outside the restaurant. Someone planned ahead!

  2. Bill, I love mojitos...they aren't too sweet and not to sour...just right. I especially love the smell of the mint...perfect for this HOT weather we're having! I will definitely try this recipe! Thanks!

  3. What a wonderful refreshing drink. After the heat wave we've had today sounds super good..
    Thanks for sharing the recipe..hugs ~lynne~

  4. Make them however you want...I want the flamingos :D

  5. All I know is that right now, sitting at work, the Mojito looks wonderful & refreshing! I'll have 2 please. ;)