Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Post

It was only a couple of short years ago that I discovered the addictive joys of shopping for vintage tabletop / decor items on ebay and in thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops/malls, and (especially!) estate sales. I immediately became enthralled with the beauty and quality of items created in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s to be used with pride for formal entertaining.
Adding to the excitement is the fact that today, when most people are horrified at the idea of owning anything that has to be polished or can't be casually tossed into a dishwasher, these elegant heirlooms can often be picked up for a fraction of their true value.
In the near future, I'll be posting more pictures and descriptions of some of my favorite finds.
For today, here's a cup and saucer by Theodore Haviland in the "Gotham" pattern, manufactured from 1945-1958. I started my Gotham collection with a great coffee pot I found on ebay from a charity thrift shop in South Florida. I purchased it for around $20 plus shipping. I had bid more than that before I left home the morning the auction closed, but there was only one other bidder (and as you ebayers know, ebay automatically places bids for you in increments up to the maximum bid you've set).
I've since picked up 8 cups and saucers and a couple of dinner plates in the same pattern. I purchased the additional pieces from a delightful young mother-to-be in Texas. She had listed pieces from two sets of gold-rimmed cream-colored china. The mother of an ex-boyfriend had given them to her, probably assuming there was to be a marriage in the near future. Since the accepted proposal came from a different young man, the seller decided she could part with the dishes (even though she found them to be very pretty and "so Gotham-y").
Until I find more pieces, I can use clear glass plates (vintage and elegant of course!) with the Haviland coffee pot & cups when I serve guests a sinfully rich dessert with after-dinner coffee in the sitting room. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Bill! Welcome to Blogland! You are going to have soooo much fun, but I must warn you, it is very addictive! :-) Your Gotham china is elegant! I have to tell you about a neat, neat way to bid on eBay. Have you heard about snipeswipe? I heard about it and tried it and it works! No more losing a piece you really want because you couldn't be at your computer when it ended...and it bids in the last seconds of the auction, so you don't have to bid early which tends to run the price up and draw more bidders. I so hope you participate in Tablescape Thursday some week. It doesn't have to be a full table setting...a tea setting or a simple place setting is great! I loved hearing how you've collected the pieces of the Gotham china. That's the best part...the thrill of the hunt! So exciting as you slowing grow your collection! Looking forward to future posts! Susan

  2. Well, if you like dishes you are in good company...come visit me sometime and Welcome to blog world.

  3. Welcome to Blogland Bill!! Must warn you it can be additive!!! lol. I'm looking forward to more posts in the future. I too, am a dish lover. I've fallen behind as of late due to hubby's illness. I hope to pick up speed very soon. I love the sotry of how you collected the Gotham China. Again, a big welcome..
    hugs ~lynne~

  4. Hi Bill! Just found your blog through Susan! Anyone who loves dishes is a friend of ours. Hope you blog often. Love the way you write and your Gotham china is beautiful.

  5. Hi Bill! I too want to welcome you to the Land of Blog! I'll be celebrating my one year blogaversary tomorrow! I love blogging and you are going to love it too! Your dishes are so beautiful. I have a set of Haviland - Blue Garland - lovely and sweet, but not as elegant as yours! If you have time tonight, come by my blog for a visit! I have gazillions of dishes on my table!
    Happy Blogging!
    Be a sweetie,

  6. Hi Bill! So nice to find aother plate addict in blogland! Congrats on starting your blog. You are going to meet so many wonderful new friends and enjoy seeing everyone's goodies! You should join Tablescape Thursday with Susan! We want to see more of your dishes!!...Debbie

  7. Hi Bill, and WELCOME!!!! I do not have a nblog but follow Susan and many others so will put you on my list! Anyone who loves dishes is automatically my friend!!!! I know you will love being in blogland, and hopefully you will participate in Tablescape Thursday over at Susan's sometimes!!!! It is GREAT!!!!! .....Pinky

  8. * WELCOME to BLOGLAND, Bill! I'm a "reader" of them, not a blogger myself, & ANYONE who loves DISHES is on M*Y "A" list to read!!! Hope it's a fun experience for you ~ I already KNOW you'll make LOTS Of friends doing this! ALso, I like your "clean" format & writing style ~~~ so nice!!!

    Warmest welcomes,
    Linda in AZ *

  9. welcome to have already been is an addiction,but what fun.great start too..ann

  10. Bill, though I welcomed you in your second post, allow me to do it again here.

    And oh, I love your china! My mother had a pattern called Floreal by Haviland that I have added to over the years. Our pattern is Royal Doulton and looks similar to yours. Mr. Magpie and I registered for it when we first married and got quite a bit, but I also found eBay and was able to add to it at GREAT prices.

    If I see yours anywhere, I will be sure and let you know. Isn't blogging fun?


    Sheila :-)