Saturday, June 27, 2009

Recent finds (bargains!)

I'd intended to focus on beautiful vintage items I've purchased at affordable prices, but I got sidetracked "confessing" my tendency to fall victim to dishaholism (is that a word?).

In the first photo, you'll see a lovely feather boa-y wreath. I saw it at a local Goodwill store priced at $5.99. I remember thinking it was just about the goofiest thing I'd ever seen ... and that I had to have it! It's in an odd little nook. The area can only be viewed from the stairway, and is accessed by passing through a closet and bending over to go through a low, angled door. The table was $50 at a local antique mall, and the decanters were purchased for $10 or less each at various estate sales. I think they're pretty displayed as a collection in the early morning light. I also like using them to serve wine at a dinner party (guests are unlikely to suspect that the wine was decanted from a bottle with a screw-on cap!). They're also nice for serving juice at an elegant brunch.

The mirrored tray on the bar was also a $5.99 Goodwill purchase. The decanter was $15.00 on the second day of an estate sales (that's when you usually get the best deals). The ice bucket was on sale for under $10 at an antique mall. Who cares if it has an "S" engraved on the side? I think monograms add interest and character to vintage glass, silver, and linens. We all have someone on the ol' family tree with an "S" name, right? "Dear Auntie So-and-So loved her beautiful things" (and she probably did!).


The creamer and open sugar below were also a "day 2" estate sale purchase. They're sterling and in very good condition. I negotiated the price down to $15! They were quite tarnished, but a quick polish using Wright's Silver Cream (widely available and inexpensive) had them shining again -- not quite like new, because I carefully avoided removing the dark patina in recessed areas that shows off the decorative design elements.

They'll be great filled with cream and sugar cubes (I'll get to use the sterling sugar tongs I purchased at a downsizing sale last year). It will be even more fun to use them for small arrangements of flowers from the garden, wrapped candy on a guest room bedside table, or for q-tips/cotton balls in a guest bath.

I hope you'll comment and tell me about your own favorite "finds!"
Mojitos coming up later today. See you then!


  1. Hi Bill...Wonderful finds and great photos! I love things with monograms and other people's names on them, too! And I LOVE favorite place! You should check out Rhoda's blog...
    and join her for Today's Thrifty Treasures on Monday! Enjoy your weeknd...Debbie

  2. Hi Bill, what a wonderful post. I loved all of your treasures. I love monogrammed anything, with my intials or someone else's doesn't make a lot of difference. Have yourself a super w/k. Will you be doing any bargain hunting this w/k? hugs ~lynne~

  3. how you filled this nook! Great hearing where you found each of these treasures! I so agree on monogrammed items...who cares what monogram...just love the personalization! I love the sugar and creamer...beautiful!

  4. Absolutely beautiful finds!

    I came here via Rhoda's. So very happy you joined the event. I will add you to my list and click to follow you, also.

  5. Well, the S could stand for SENSATIONAL! You've surrounded yourself with beautiful things, and at a bargain price to boot! I want to see more!

  6. Loved your post. Especially the part about hiding the screw top lid. Too funny! Love your feather boa wreath. It's fab!!! Everything is pretty fabulous!

  7. Hi Bill, love your great finds especially the silver tray! The bottle collection placed with the tray looks very classy. It’s nice to hear that you attend estate sales too. You are the first one I’ve come across so far that goes to estate sales too. They can be pricey than goodwill and garage sales but you can also find some really great stuff still at a great price.

  8. love the wreath!! you could add just about any holiday decor to it and use it for any occasion!!

  9. You have given us a name! Dishaholics (head hanging but a grin on my face!) ;)
    I do not really know how it started...I think it was a plate in my grandmothers china cabinet. I think Dishaholism runs in my family!