Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ageless Divas from Across the Pond!

OK ... I'm giving away my "antiquity" here when I say I remember when the best blue-eyed soul singer ever, Lulu, sang the title song from "To Sir With Love." And when Dame Shirley Bassey wowed the world with the theme from "Goldfinger!"

Here they are ... still beautiful and dynamic as ever. Lulu was almost 60 when she appeared as a guest on American Idol, and Dame Shirley was 70 when she re-made Pink's "Get The Party Started!" I posted the music video of "Party," and, lest you think she looked as she did via editing "smoke & mirrors," I included a live version. Be sure to watch for the visual reference to "Goldfinger" in the music video!

Turn up your speakers, go full-screen, and enjoy!


  1. Man are they looking good! I love the energy in that last video---great!

    Oh , about your photography--you are right about the connection between that and painting/drawing. I think it is so neat how different people have different gifts and talents and we are so blessed that we were made to be different!! (I can't sing, but Boy am I blessed by those who do , Ha!!) I can't draw (but one of my kids is so talented), I can't remember things well (and one of my kids is a research Doctor)....but what a blessing to know a variety of people. Blogging is fun because you get to see people's passions, creativity's and idiosyncrasies. And all of it is a reflection of a greater glory. Have a blessed week.

  2. I don't think I have ever heard of either of these ladies before. But I DO know who PINK is!! I love her. She is so sassy! That is a neat twist and cool video on her song "Party"... Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Bill,
    I've never heard of either of these two ladies but I really enjoyed the music videos. I love the Party song. :-) I can't believe these ladies are the age you mentioned...amazing! Do they just have really good genes or have they had some "assistance" via modern technology.
    :-) Either way, they are both talented and still beautiful. Thanks for such a fun, entertaining post!

  4. Bill I am a total freak for 60's music. Love, love, love it all except the Beach Boys type. These ladies rock. Petula Clark is playing in the Vancouver area tomorrow night. I'm not going but I do think she is great.
    They are real performers for sure but Pink is no slouch either. She is one of the only current female singers that I like.

  5. Oh Bill!
    I love LuLu. She is just as beautiful today as she was so many years ago. I just cannot believe how beautifully she aged. It sure looks great on her. Thanks for sharing sweet friend. I would have imagined this would be the kind of music you would like. Something so classy. Your settings are so classy, and I thank you for sharing each and every week. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  6. I love the 2nd video (they are all great) but I love the dancing & costumes in the second one!!! love the song, thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi, Bill,
    Well, I DO remember both of these girls. heheheh
    Lulu looks BETTER than she used to, and Shirley still rocks.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a fun post! I very much remember these ladies. To Sir With Love was one of my all time favorite songs. They both look and sound fabulous! I saw Lulu on AI (nasty little secret, I'm addicted to that show) and DH and I were amazed at how good she looked. Thanks for sharing, this really started my day with a smile. Kathy (Oh, and thanks for the good wishes for Cait - she placed in the symphonic band that she was hoping for!)

  9. Hi Bill,
    As a British teenager in the '60's I sooooooooo wanted to BE Lulu!
    Guess what? I still do!
    She is looking better than ever, although I did lurve the red hair she had back then, blonde suits her too.
    Thanks for telling bloggerland about these 2 great Brits!

  10. This is a wonderful post Bill!
    A real weekend post! I turn the video's a few times this weekend!(And set the boxes open!)

    Thank you!
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. Hi Bill

    I too was a late 60's British teenager and am still here!! I remember Lulu for "Shout" and Shirley Bassey for lots of songs. My mum took me to see her live in concerts and she was great and still is. Lulu is going to be a "granny" soon. She has her own cosmetic called "Timebomb"
    available from QVC UK.

    I too would like to be like Lulu is now, slim, fit, wealthy!!

    Have a great weekend, we have sunshine here today, but Autumn is certainly on its way, the evenings are quite cool.

    Jackie in UK.

  12. Ahh..I grew up with Lulu too in Ireland. I always think of her as the female version of Cliff Richard's...never ages and always great.
    Thanks for reminding me of simpler times :-)

  13. Wow, these women look amzing!!! Lulu has always been cute, but Ms Bassey is 'the' quintesential diva, with a capital D!!
    Super :o)

  14. Beautiful women! Beautiful talent! Beautiful souls!
    I loved 'To Sir With Love'! 'Loved the movie! 'Loved the song! 'Loved Lulu!
    Lulu and Petula Clark were two of my favorites!

    And Shirley Bassey! WOW!! Stunning!
    Thanks for sharing!
    All the best,