Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Historic Bolivar, Part 4

It's time for another Outdoor Wednesday at A Southern Daydreamer. I hope you'll stop by, say hello to Susan, and check out all the other participants. Thank you, Susan, for making this event possible

As promised, here's the tour of the Court Square area of Bolivar, Tennessee, population 5,802.

The third and current courthouse was built in 1868. The first building was moved to its current location and serves as the Hardeman County Museum. The second was destroyed during the Civil War. You can read about it in "Historic Bolivar, Part 2." Just click HERE and scroll down to the "Little Courthouse."

This bust is a likeness of Simon Bolivar for whom the county was named. Read about him HERE.
Looking across the Courthouse lawn toward an attractive row of offices and businesses.

A view of the Courthouse from the barber shop on the corner. Isn't the ironwork attractive? I'm sure you know why barber poles have "candy stripes." It will be interesting to see who tells us in a comment. Lori E.?

The pedestrian walkway is a new feature of a recent downtown renovation.

An AT&T Wiresless store reminds us we're in the 21st Century!

Live music on the square on Friday nights is a recent development. A friend I ran into while I was there said over 1000 people turned up to hear the music last friday night. Locals considered that a great success!

The old bank building on the corner appears lit from within ...

Because it no longer has a roof. A fire damaged it severely and destroyed neighboring buildings.

A view from the other side ...

This stock photo shows the buildings that were destroyed (including a popular restaurant I've enjoyed visiting).

The old US Post Office in the same block is still in use.
Now alone since neighboring buildings burned to the ground. There have been tentative plans to build a downtown hotel on the site (on hold due to the current state of the economy).

One building that hasn't had a facelift is the old Luez movie theater.

Still showing current films!

A successful decorator's shop, just down from the square ... Barrett & Stevens. They did several of the window treatments for this house (some of you have seen them in the background of Tablescape Thursday posts).

More PINK anyone? I haven't dined at Opal's ... but if I ever do, I'll let you know!

The new farmer's market. Not huge ... but definitely an asset to this community.

The next stock photo represents perhaps the most interesting architecture I've shown you in this series of posts.

And is part of a fascinating and horrific story ....

I hope you'll be back for the final installment ...


  1. Hi Bill great place! Thanks for sharing.

  2. HI Bill. I am still following you on this trips. Beautiful buildings and clean and neat and wide streets.
    Have a good day
    Riet, The Netherlands

  3. Bonjour Bill,
    Bolivar looks like a nice place to live and I'm sure that the barber there no longer practices blood letting, just haircuts & shaves.
    a bientot

  4. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for taking on more of the tour of Bolivar.
    Interesting place and what a lot of bricks in some of those buildings.


  5. I'm also still following Bill.And Its still all to stunning.I think I would like to move there.LOL...Marie Antionette

  6. There is a Bolivar in Missouri not far from here -- a statue of Simon Bolivar is at their courthouse as well!

    Looks like a nice historic town nd I'm enjoying my visit.

  7. I love going thru these old, historic towns. Thanks for taking us along, Bill.

  8. I am really enjoying this tour of Bolivar. Thanks again.

  9. Love following you on your trip, Bill. I love history and small old towns, so this is right up my alley.
    Wonderful photos!!

  10. I'm still with you Bill and enjoying every minute of the tour.

  11. Great tour Bill and guess what I have that same barber pole in my house...its in my manly bathroom with all my old time barbers stuff I collec...I did mention you today in my TT wanted to see if you knew what "Vaseline" glass was...Don't work too hard my friend...will miss you until you get back to blogland..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria